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    MacBook Cover

    BookBook Vol 2 for MacBook Pro: An Elegant Companion

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    Eileen Potsangbam
    Eileen Potsangbam Apr 27, 2020

    Twelve South has updated their famous BookBook case for the MacBook. The new edition, Vol 2, has been refined and tailored exclusively for USB-C MacBooks. The BookBook Vol 2 for MacBook Pro and Air (2020) is much slimmer (just over 2 cm) and has a couple of handy new features that might just have you clicking on ‘Buy’ before you know it.

    If you never again want to worry about having your precious Mac being squashed, scratched, or—worse—shattered, the BookBook case more than does the job. Here’s a lowdown of its features:

    Hides in Plain Sight

    Twelve South’s BookBook for MacBook Pro and Air look very much like antique hardback books. The spine looks very convincing, which sells this illusion. The front and back of the case are made of deliberately faded plain leather with gold borders to keep up the appearance of it being an antique book. It’s quite pleasing to look at, with the added benefit of security. If you were to walk down the street holding one of these cases, it wouldn’t be immediately apparent that you’re carrying a laptop (Unless, of course, you’re clinging onto it like the Gollum from Lord of the Rings).

    Sleek, Crush-resistant, and Doubles As a Sleeve

    The original design of Twelve South’s BookBook for MacBook Pro and Air was quite bulky, so as to fit the thicker classic MacBook Pro models. But Vol 2 is much slimmer, keeping in mind the design of the 2016 models.

    As with all Twelve South products, this case has a feel of quality with its beautiful stitchings, high-quality leather, smooth-running zips, and soft microfiber interior that guards against scratches. Once you zip it close, your MacBook will stay safely shielded between two hardback covers with reinforced corners. The case has a rigid sheet between the leather exterior and micro-fibre interior. The spine is also firm and crush resistant.

    Another nice touch is that the BookBook Vol 2 can be used as a sleeve. It has two elastic bands inside that allow you to use your MacBook without having to remove the case. Slip those bands onto the corners of your screen when you place it in the case and, the next time you open BookBook, your MacBook will open with it.

    An Extra Pocket for Documents

    The BookBook Vol 2 for MacBook Pro and Air has an extra feature that the older version doesn’t: a fold-down flap where you can store your papers and documents. This should come in handy for those of us who’ve been carrying around paperwork inside our cases for as long as we’ve been using them. You’ll find this secret pocket under the BookBook tab.

    In our books (Roll your eyes at me all you want, I had to do it), Twelve South has something special here. And if you’re a writer yourself or just love books, I’m sure you’ll especially appreciate its unique design. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that it doesn’t come cheap. I’m talking about shelling out anything between 3.5K to 5K rupees (depending on the third-party seller) to get one of these bad boys in India. But considering the quality of the product and the pleasing aesthetics, I’d say it might just be worth it.

    What do you think? Holler at us in the comments below.

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