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    copyright lawsuit Corellium

    Apple Withdraws Copyright Lawsuit Against Virtual iOS Software Seller Corellium

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Aug 11, 2021

    Corellium is a company that sells virtual iOS software to security researchers. In August 2019, Apple had filed a suit against Corellium for selling virtual iOS software without authorisation. However, it seems Apple has now withdrawn the copyright lawsuit against Corellium in an undisclosed settlement.

    Apple Drops Copyright Lawsuit

    Although Apple had been fighting the case against the virtual iPhone seller for the past two years, Washington Post reports that the copyright claims have now been dropped. Corellium will continue to sell virtual iOS devices as per their new arrangement with Apple. However, the exact details of the agreement remain confidential.

    Aside from copyright infringement, Apple had claimed their major concern was that hackers might use Corellium’s platform and use the virtual iPhone platform to produce malware. However, Corellium maintained that seekers of their virtual iOS software go through individual scrutiny to prevent usage for malicious purposes. Earlier, Corellium accepted requests only from users that had an enterprise account. Its systems are now open for individual subscribers as well.

    Apple Had Lost the Case in December 2020

    According to a federal judge, Corellium hadn’t broken any code of conduct as claimed by the tech giant. Despite their defeat at the first attempt, Apple had moved forward with an injunction on the ruling. However, Apple has now withdrawn the copyright lawsuit against Corellium. The complete details of the agreement between Apple and Corellium remain confidential, and both companies have avoided making any public statements.

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