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    Do You Need a New iPhone? That’s the Real Question!

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    Before I start this article, I feel like I should put out a little disclaimer – Apple didn’t sponsor this article. No, they haven’t paid us to make you believe that you need a new iPhone to boost iPhone sales in India. Yes, this is a genuine guide to help you gauge if you need an upgrade. Yes, we’re doing the public an excellent service. Yes, as a wise person once said, kabhi kabhi lagta hai apun hi bhagwan hai.

    And now that I’ve made all of that clear allow me to tell you five parameters you can use to figure out whether or not you can squeeze a couple more years from your iPhone.

    iOS has Broken Up with Your iPhone

    Sorry to be a bummer, but if you can no longer get a new iOS update on your iPhone, it’s probably time to ditch it. Honestly, this is one thing that Apple is kind about. They try to make their iOS updates as old iPhone-friendly as possible. And iOS 12 is specially designed to improve your old iPhone drastically. And it’s compatible with the six-year-old iPhone 5s, for heaven’s sake! So, if you haven’t been able to update to iOS 12, I’d suggest investing in a latest model iPhone. Especially since the new iOS 13 might be out any minute, and you’re going to want it!

    Your Camera Sucks

    There comes a moment in every iPhone user’s life when they can no longer use #ShotoniPhone with pride. The camera you once loved so dearly starts clicking photos that look to be from the 1950s when compared to ones clicked from the new ones. And at this moment (or two years after it), it is time to upgrade, folks. After all, the camera is one of the best features of an iPhone. And if you can’t enjoy that, where’s the fun?

    You Can’t Accessorize

    Owing to the popularity of every iPhone model, sellers stock accessories for them for years after they’re launched. So, if you find yourself standing in a shop (or behind your laptop’s screen) unable to find a single accessory for your iPhone, time’s up! Move away from the accessories section and towards the next-gen iPhone lineup. You need it, fam.

    You Need a Band-Aid after Scrolling

    Yup, you know exactly what I’m talking about! It’s not uncommon to see iPhones with absolutely trashed screens or maybe just a scratch or two. It happens, right? You drop your iPhone, and the screen breaks, you get it fixed – it’s the circle of life. But if you’re of the mindset that it simply isn’t worth it to replace your screen as it’s going to cost more than your actual iPhone, you need to move on. Trust me, your fingers will thank you!

    Your Storage Runs (out) More than You

    If that pesky little pop-up telling you that you’re out of storage is as familiar to you as your wallpaper, once again, time to ditch it! Your iPhone and its 16GB internal storage belong to that time of innocence when the iPhone’s could fit in your jeans pocket (90s kids will remember). But now we’re living in the time of gigantic iPhone’s and the apps you need running into double digits. So, say adios to that iPhone and get yourself a new shiny one that’ll support all your whims and fancies.

    The Bottom Line

    If you found yourself exclaiming with an excited “that’s me!” at one or all of these points, there’s no need to be enthusiastic, son. You’re the owner of a prehistoric iPhone (sorry for the burn) and need to upgrade to a new one ASAP!

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