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    Want a Dual SIM iPhone? Your Wish Just Might Come True!

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Jun 22, 2016

    Now that the WWDC is over, we know what iOS 10 is going to look like. Very soon, the next biggest topic of conversation will be about the device running iOS 10. We are talking about the iPhone 7, of course. What’s it going to look like? How sleek will it be? What wizardry of modern technology will it have? These are just some of the points that are going to catch our fancy in the coming months.

    As is tradition around this time, rumours start sprouting like mushrooms in a field. New gossip on the block is that the much awaited star of the Apple family will come with dual SIM capability.

    The news comes from a Chinese smartphone repair shop going by the name of Rock Fix. The shop posted what appears to be the internal components of an iPhone 7 on a blogging platform

    Rock Fix also happens to be the source that leaked photos of iPhone 7 (possibly). Interestingly, these photos show that the phone has retained the headphone jack. For this reason, this leak is being met with scepticism, since it’s now widely believed that the next iPhone will not have a headphone jack.

    Side note: There have been some new developments in the headphone department as well. We’ll be writing a post about that soon, so keep your ears open and eyes glued to our blog!

    Obviously, there’s no guarantee for the veracity of this rumour. However, we’d still like to give it the benefit of doubt and entertain the idea of a dual SIM iPhone.

    If that were to happen, it would go right to the top of features we’d love to see on iPhone 7. In decreasing order of awesomeness, they would be:

      1. 256 GB storage
      2. 3 GB RAM
      3. Dual SIM
      4. Dust-proof and waterproof
      5. Dual lens camera with enhanced flash
      6. Curved glass unibody (without the antenna lines)

    You can read all about these features (and many others), by following the iPhone 7 tag on our website.

    The launch of iPhone 7 draws closer with every passing day. We’re nearing the end of June and practically knocking on the doors of July. Suddenly, September doesn’t seem that far away.

    Whether these rumours have any substance or not, one thing’s for sure – it’s going to be a huge event this September. We’re hoping that Apple will show us a glimpse of the new, super cool MacBook line-up they have been working on. We were disappointed when it did not make an appearance at the WWDC and would hate to be let down again.

    Anyway, we’re waiting for the September event with bated breath. What about you??


    Source: MacRumors

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