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    Eros Now Becomes the First Indian Content Partner for Apple TV+

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    Taking a prompt step, Eros Now, the video service by Eros International has entered in a partnership with Apple for its upcoming video service. The Eros-Apple deal was announced just a few hours after Tim Cook and company revealed their streaming service called Apple TV+.

    With this collaboration, Eros Now became the first Indian service provider to sign such a deal with Apple. The Eros Now content will be available in 109 countries outside India. These include the UK, US, Europe, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and many more.

    Kishore Lulla, executive chairman and CEO, Eros International is over the moon about the deal. He said, “Apple has a very strong distribution across these countries, and our partnership will expand the reach of Eros Now manifolds.”

    What This Partnership Brings to the Table

    The signed contract states that Eros Now videos will be available across all the Apple devices. Users will be able to subscribe for it, as part of bundled or as an à-la-carte service. With this Eros and Apple deal, the force will be with the former. And in a not so surprising prediction, their content reach will multiply by several folds.

    On Apple TV+, the Eros Now digital contents which include movies, web originals, music videos and other short-form content, which will be listed under a new category called Eros Now Quickie.

    In terms of money, the deal will get Eros Now the benefit of a share in the subscription revenues. According to their CEO, while the monetisation will evolve over time, the team expects an average revenue somewhere between $1 and $4 per user, ₹70 to ₹210 in INR. And of course, that’s for the subscribed plans.

    Talking about the content bank, Eros Now holds the biggest Bollywood library. We’re talking about over 120,000 movies, original music, original series and other short-form content! And of course, they’re available in Hindi and other regional languages. With all this content, the platform allegedly caters to over 142 million registered users. And the number is only increasing!

    Well … All in all, it sounds great! Especially for Bollywood lovers across the globe who are planning to ditch the rival streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime for their love for Apple. It’s win-win for Eros and Apple both!

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