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    Apple Watch Health Features India

    watchOS 6 Enables ECG & Other Health Apps for Apple Watch Users in India

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    Thanks to Apple WatchOS 6, the latest apps like Noise and Voice Memos and features like menstrual cycle tracking features have finally been made available to the Apple watch users in India.

    These new updates will leave your wishes fulfilled, heart happy, and soul content. At least, for now. But for now, you’ll definitely be fanboying harder than ever.

    A-fib Detection

    This app lets you know if your heart skips a beat. No, this isn’t romance we’re talking about, it’s a health risk. So, this app is there to alert you every time the rhythm of your heart goes offbeat. But before you ask how, let me tell you what A-fib or Atrial fibrillation is. It is an abnormal rhythm of the heart. If left untreated, Atrial fibrillation can result in a stroke. Hence, timely detection of a condition like this gets extremely important. And thanks to Apple Watch’s new feature, it’s possible.

    The A-fib detection feature keeps checking your heart rhythm in the background. And whenever your heart’s wiring goes wrong, or there’s any kind of irregularity, it notifies you. Even if you don’t have any onwards signs like chest pain, the app will let you know. But mind you, as the app isn’t always looking for A-fit, some instances may go unnoticed.

    However,  as the app does five rhythm checks over a minimum of 65 minutes identifying A-fin and generating a notification to alert the user will not be that difficult. This feature is available to all Apple Watches that receive the watch OS 6 update.

    ECG App

    Available only on Apple Watch Series 4 or newer models, this app gives you the convenience of taking your electrocardiograph anytime and anywhere. So, if you have symptoms like palpitations or chest pain, or have a medical history of heart disease or blood pressure, this app is handy. 

    So, how does it work? There are electrodes and Digital Crown are built into the back of the watch to measure the electrical activity of your heart. So, when you activate the ECG app on your Apple Watch, the app counts down 30 seconds and gives you the result.

    Each heart rhythm is classified as A-fib, sinus rhythm, or inconclusive. All recordings and their subsequently possible symptoms are stored in the Health app on your iPhone. If needed, you can share a PDF of the results with your doctor.

    Both the health apps for Apple WatchOS 6 sound fun, right? Health freak and a poor guy with a medical history, these apps will be handy and keep you fit.

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