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    Google Maps for iOS gets ‘Follow’ Feature

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    Ashrita Dkhar
    Ashrita Dkhar Mar 4, 2019

    Five months after the ‘Follow’ feature was introduced to Google Maps for Android users, iOS users across the globe can finally enjoy the update on their iPhones and iPads.

    From your regular café to a new restaurant that you’ve heard a lot about, this feature allows you to stay up-to-date with all the places with just a click. It’s kind of like following them on social media platforms.

    Follow From Google Maps

    You don’t have to follow the places on their official websites or their social media pages to know what’s going on! Just search for the place you wish to visit and tap the follow button. And get ready for the notifications – from promotions to offers, you’ll get it all.

    Andrew Cooper, Product Manager, Google Maps wrote in his blog post said, “Starting this week, you can stay up to date on your favourite places right from the Google Maps app on iOS. Simply search for a place—whether it’s a new restaurant that just opened up in your neighbourhood or that must-try bakery across town – and tap the Follow button. You’ll then be able to see important updates from these places in your ‘For You’ tab so you can quickly learn about upcoming events, offers and more.”

    He also added, “Places and businesses all over the world can see their followers in the Google ‘My Business’ app, and actively post helpful information for their followers to see. The ‘Follow’ button starts rolling out on iOS today.”

    When Google first released this feature in October 2018, the representatives noted that it was all for the convenience of its users. “With more than 150 million places on Google Maps and millions of people looking for places to go, we made two updates. So, it’s even easier for you to keep up with the places you care about and find out about places coming soon.”

    Well, kudos to Google! First, they help us find our way. Now, they help us keep tabs on our favourite eateries and restaurants, so we never miss out on the good stuff.

    So, how many places will you follow?

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