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    It’s Time to ‘Kill’ the iPhone Thieves

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    Won’t it just kill you if your brand new iPhone gets stolen? Ha! Mean thought but worth pondering over, right?

    Thanks to various factors like import duties, local taxes, and the falling value of the rupee against the dollar, the cost of Apple creations are obscenely high. That still hasn’t deterred you from selling off an arm and a leg and your first born child to buy that swanky Apple phone. Aah, sheer bliss!

    But, then one fine day, it gets stolen or you absent-mindedly leave it somewhere! There goes your hard-earned money … down the drain! Not only is it a substantial financial loss, but what about all the sensitive information you had stored on your mobile?

    True, there’s Find My Phone that allows you to pinpoint the general vicinity in which your truant phone happens to be in while also allowing you to clear all data on it (if you remembered to sync it to iCloud). So, sensitive information or images will not find their way into someone else’s hands. Rest easy

    However, that still isn’t revenge enough on the person who dared to rob me of my preciousss … err, I mean, phone. Which is why, I am overjoyed by this latest feature Apple has introduced in its phones which should deter thieves from stealing Apple phones. Double somersaults!

    Scarily named ‘The Kill switch’, this feature allows you to remotely wipe the phone’s memory and render it useless, leaving the thief none the richer for his efforts. There, that should teach him a good lesson and get him to steer clear of all iPhones in the future!

    This feature is seen as Apple’s biggest accomplishment, a game changer for the telecommunications industry, which has been trying hard to introduce measures to prevent theft of mobile phones.

    The kill switch will be a standard feature in the soon-to-be-launched-in-India iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and can be activated on other devices to upgrade their security measures.

    While we are on this topic, how about you also go and get yourself that mobile insurance you’ve been procrastinating on all along? Wait, where are you to? Oye ..

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