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    iPad Air 2: Better Everything. Worse Battery.

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Aug 29, 2015

    Remember Samsung’s ‘wall huggers’ ad campaign that poked fun at Apple users who were constantly on the look out for charging points? It made all Apple fans cringe, but we couldn’t disagree.

    Questionable battery life has always stuck out like a sore thumb in Apple devices that were otherwise almost-perfect. However, there has always been one exception – iPads. Since its launch, iPad has promised 10 hours heavy use battery backup and, at most times, delivered even better. But, sadly, Apple seems to be taking away this edge with the launch of iPad Air 2.

    The shipments for iPad Air 2 started this week. And the ever-prompt team at iFixit has conducted their extensive tear down of the newest iPad. While other hardware met expectations and claims, surprisingly the battery size was found to be smaller than its predecessor. iPad Air (1) came with a 8827 mAh battery while the Air 2 has only a 7340 mAh power juice. That’s a substantial drop by any standards.
    Wait. Don’t ridicule the latest iPads battery backup just yet. Apple is known to extract the maximum performance from its hardware with optimum hardware-software collaboration. Case in point being the better performance of Apple’s 1gb RAM over 2gb RAMs in competing devices. We sincerely hope that’s the case here and Apple hasn’t compromised on battery to shave off a few more mms for the thinner design.

    The user reviews will start pouring in very soon. And, God forbid, if the battery life has actually been compromised, we can be sure that Samsung will not leave this opportunity to once again make cat calls at us wall huggers!

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