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    Apple is Offering 3 Years Free Warranty for ‘Problematic’ iPad Pro Smart Covers

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    Pooja Ramanujan
    Pooja Ramanujan May 7, 2017

    Some of the users had complained of certain “mechanical problems” in their new iPad Pro Smart Covers. Apple has taken responsibility of the issue and is offering an extended repair programme for said covers. 

    Here are the highlights of the scheme:

    • The new programme will extend for three years from the date of purchase of the cover.
    • The offer is applicable to covers bought along with an iPad (in a combo deal) and for those that were bought separately.
    • iPad Pro Smart Covers that were taken to third party repair shops are automatically disqualified.
    • Same goes for covers that have suffered “physical damage due to user negligence”.
    • The programme covers (the covers of) both the models of iPad Pro — 9.7-inch (Early 2016) and 12.9-inch (Late 2015).
    • Apple will refund those who are eligible for this scheme and had spent some money on repairs for their iPad Pro Smart Covers.
    • The description of “functional issues” that Apple will take care of are —

    “Sticking/repeating keys, sensor issues, problems with the keyboard’s magnetic connector, connection issues, and unresponsive keys.”

    The confirmation of this extended repair was obtained by 9to5Mac in an official internal memo from Apple.

    NOTE: As far as we know, the programme hasn’t been launched in India yet. We’ll keep a watch out for any new developments and update you as soon as we know something. 

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