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    Apple iPhone 11: What To Expect

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    Team Applesutra
    Team Applesutra Sep 2, 2019

    The launch of Apple iPhone 11 is around the corner, and naturally, all the fanboys are super excited. And not to anyone’s surprise, we are surrounded by clouds of rumors. Some are baseless, some too good to be true, and some come from unverified sources. And because all rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, we are not really sure what to believe and what not to believe.

    But as they say, there’s no smoke without fire. The latest fumes of rumors come from an alleged Foxconn Factory employee. He has quite a bit to reveal about the expected Apple iPhone 11.   


    So according to this leaker, the upcoming model will be available in four colors. Apart from regular black, white, and rose gold, there will be a dark green colored model too. And allegedly it would be the best of the lot. Also, the back glass of the iPhone 11 series will be in a matte finish. If true, it’ll look classy. I would love it.


    Next of this Foxconn Factory worker’s list of claims is the Apple logo. As per his words, the half-ate apple won’t be there on the rear glass. Where will it be then? We don’t know either, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see. But this man says the Apple logo will remain intact somewhere on the body.   


    According to the leaker, Apple iPhone 11 will have a 3969mAh battery. And if that’s to be believed, it would be a massive jump in battery size from 3174 mAh battery of iPhone XS Max and very impressive! There have been rumors, to make up for reverse wireless charging feature the new iPhone will be available with bigger batteries. It seems like those words in the air could be true. 


    While we are on the subject of the mobile charging, the Foxconn worker also claims that Apple will continue with 1A/5v charger even with new iPhones. Well, that’s kinda damper since I was hoping a better battery will come better charger. Don’t you agree?


    The most important feature that I’m looking forward to is the new iPhone is the camera quality. And as per this Foxconn fellow, Apple has improved the 12MP rear camera on new iPhone 11. Yeah! It’s a much-needed improvement. Apple is already lagging in the camera department compared to its rivals like Google and Huawei. 

    Also, while there are claims that Apple will be updating the TrueDepth in iPhone 11 series, the man says otherwise. According to him, the number of parts remains the same as iPhone XS, indicating no updates.


    If this ‘secret reveler’ is to be believed, there won’t be any storage improvision in new iPhone 11. It will continue to be available in 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB variants only. But I don’t really mind that.  

    What’s Not There?

    In the claims made by this Foxconn worker, there are few things that won’t be there. Allegedly, in iPhone 11, there will be no 3D touch, this will be done in order to reduce the thickness. Also, do not have very high hopes of in-screen fingerprint scanner, lighting connector, and double-layered motherboard.      

    Surprise Christmas Gift 

    Last but not least, the leaker says there going be a big announcement at the end of this year. Apparently, Tim Cook and his team going to introduce 10.2-inch iPad that’ll be replacing the 2018’s 9.7-inch iPad. And there is iPad Pro update in the pipeline as well. I can’t say much about Santa but Tim Cook’s elves sure are working hard.

    While we have to wait only for a couple of more weeks for big revelation on iPhone 11, some of these leaks sound plausible. Better camera, bigger battery, new color seem to be a possibility, but missing Apple logo is little far-fetched. Don’t you think? We just have to wait and watch. Finger-crossed.

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