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    iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are (Almost) Waterproof

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    Pooja Ramanujan
    Pooja Ramanujan Oct 14, 2015

    We are grinning because we heard an awesome piece of news. The latest iPhones – 6S and 6S Plus – are waterproof! Well, technically they are water resistant; but if the series of ‘water’ tests are to be believed, these are the first iPhones that can survive a quick dive in the swimming pool!

    The Brave / Stupid Experiment

    This discovery was made last month when YouTuber Zach Straley did the unthinkable and submerged both the phones in a bowl of water. Yikes!

    Any of us would throw a fit or start yelling / shrieking / panicking / cussing / crying / tearing our hair out (take your pick) at the mere thought of our beloved iPhones drowning in water. But, Straley, for the cause of greater good and scientific experimentation, not only dunked the iPhones in water, he also let them soak in this makeshift tub for one whole hour. We’ve got a true Braveheart here, folks!

    When he took the dripping devices out, he discovered that both the iPhones retained their original functionalities. He was able to use all the features such as force touch, camera, and other basic touch responses.

    Not only this, Straley uploaded a follow-up video 48 hours later that featured him unlocking the iPhones with Touch ID. He also declared that the sound, charging points and headphone jacks were working absolutely fine. Phew!

    This crazy experiment inspired many others to test the waters (pardon the pun) and everyone got similar results.

    What Makes 6S and 6S Plus Water Friendly?

    Teardown experts iFixit took apart the latest iPhones and found that both the models have a new gasket around the frame that protects the insides from water. Along with that, there are silicon seals around the connectors to prevent water seeping in through them.

    On the flipside, the speakers, SIM tray, and headphone jack are devoid of any such protection and can easily allow water to enter the iPhone. Also, the main circuit board is not protected either. Therefore, while these phones are more capable to resisting water, they aren’t completely waterproof.

    Nothing Official About it

    There has been no official confirmation from Apple on this issue. The reason is obvious – these new iPhones are water resistant, not waterproof. Apple will never make a claim until it’s been proven beyond doubt, and neither would they like the idea of issuing replacements for hundreds of wet and dead iPhones!

    So, although we won’t advise you to wade into the waters with your precious iPhone in the pocket, you do have one less thing to worry about if it starts raining unexpectedly. That’s a cheerful thought, indeed!

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