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    iPhone Clean Install or Backup Restore: Choose Your Player!

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    Here’s something interesting to taco-bout—iPhone clean install or restore, which one do you prefer?

    When you upgrade to a new iPhone, there’s one of two routes you can take. You can either restore your old iPhone’s setup or do a clean install. If you’re not familiar with what a clean install is, it basically means you’re deleting everything on your device and starting from scratch.

    So which one is better? It’s really a matter of preference.

    You don’t actually need to do a clean install of the iOS when you upgrade your iPhone, as it has no impact on your iPhone’s speed whatsoever. Personally, I prefer to start afresh and clean out the skeletons from my digital closet whenever I move on to my new beau.

    Doing an iPhone clean install will give you a fresh start by getting rid of junk files, unwanted data, and the gazillion apps that (let’s face it) you never use. This will give you a clean slate, i.e., lots of space so that you can slowly add in the apps that matter. Plus, setting up your iPhone as a new device will get rid of any corrupted data you had in your old device.

    The downside is that there’ll be apps you’ll have to re-download, accounts you’ll have to sign back into, and settings you’ll have to set up again. You’ll also lose all your call, text, and browser history. However, you’ll be happy to know that in the more recent versions of iOS, you can get most of your data back if you remembered to sync it with iCloud.

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    You might start to think that it’s better to sync from back-up after all, with all this trouble, but there are still a few things that syncing misses. This includes health data if you’re running iOS 10 or earlier, settings and preferences, photos that aren’t backed up, app data not stored in iCloud, music synced from iTunes, and Apple Watch settings.

    Side note: Some types of data, such as health and photos, sync more slowly than others. So don’t panic if you don’t see your data showing up right away after you clean install; it’ll show up in a few hours or days.

    A lot of people prefer to restore from a back-up, and I can see why. It’s easier, simpler, and takes less time. But one thing to remember is that you’ll be getting everything back—and I mean everything—so be prepared to deal with all your junk files, unnecessary data, and corrupted files in your shiny new iPhone. Honestly, it just seems more preferable to do a clean install instead that, though might consume a bit more of your time, would be much better for your iPhone.

    Either way, whether you choose to do a clean install or restore from a back-up, the bottom line is there are pros and cons to both. Which side do you take in this debate? Let us know in the comments below!

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