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iPhone IndiaiPhone is by far the most valuable product in Apple’s line-up currently. It accounts for over 50% of company’s profits and has the widest reach regarding geographies covered and sales volumes. This contribution of a single product in the success of world’s largest company is staggering in itself, but when you consider that iPhone launched just a decade ago, the numbers look even more mind-bending.

The first version of iPhone was launched by Steve Jobs amidst much fanfare in 2007. Subsequently, Apple has released at least one iPhone update every year. The latest models of iPhone in the market are iPhone 7 and 7 Plus which were released in September 2016. Apple is expected to unveil the next versions – iPhone 7S and iPhone 8 in the last quarter of 2017.

iPhone 8

Apple is gearing up for the launch of iPhone 8 in September 2017, and the rumour mills are already churning out heaps of gossip. All the experts believe that Apple is set to bring radical changes to the iPhone like the bezel-less design, wireless charging, etc.

Although this is the year for S upgrades of iPhone, which generally get specs bump instead of design changes, Apple is likely to break the norm for the special 10th anniversary iPhone 8. Most rumours are pointing towards the release of 2 iPhone models in 2017 – iPhone 7S (and iPhone 7S Plus) with minor updates and the flagship iPhone 8 (or iPhone Edition).

iPhone 7

While the fanboys eagerly wait for the release of iPhone 8, Apple is pushing hard to maintain the sales numbers for the current iPhone 7 models.

In an attempt to keep the line-up fresh, Apple has launched a brand new RED iPhone 7 – their first iPhone in a growing list of RED associated products. The model was launched in April 2017, and so far the response has been encouraging.

Critics were apprehensive about the success of iPhone 7, mainly because it is very similar to the last generation iPhone 6S. It offers only a few upgrades like the waterproof design, dual camera on the plus models and new colours. Thankfully for Apple, iPhone 7 has managed to achieve very respectable sales numbers. It hasn’t created the same buzz as the iPhone 6 but managed to overtake its predecessor.

Speaking of the iPhone 7: The iPhone’s dwindling demand worldwide means that Apple is even more determined to make in-roads into India. iPhone 7 has been instrumental in that pursuit. It was no wonder that Apple launched the iPhone 7 with huge discounts from the get-go, and continues for lure buyers with new offers.

Manufacturing in India

While on the one hand, the world is busy figuring out iPhone 8 facts from fiction, India has a struggle of its own – setting up an iPhone manufacturing plant in India.

After nearly a year-long fight with the government, it seems like Apple is finally on track to establishing their first iPhone manufacturing facility in India. The choice of phone is going to be iPhone SE, and the selection of place is going to be Bengaluru.

The production trials are expected to begin in the first half of May 2017, while the full-fledged operations will only happen after all the terms between Apple India and the Indian government are sorted.

India is a huge market for Apple, and it’s the one big bet they’re hoping will pay off if they have to stay relevant in a highly competitive market.

Discounts and Deals

In continuation with its push for the Indian market, Apple is regularly offering discounts and offers on all its products in India. These include price cuts, interest-free EMIs, combo deals on iPhone with iPads and Apple Watch, etc. The discounts apply to older models of iPhone as well, most noticeably, the iPhone SE.

Apart from these offers, Apple is hoping to bring in refurbished iPhones to India. And despite heavy opposition, Apple is doing everything it can to keep that dream alive.

Comparison with Competition

One of the prime reasons for iPhone 7’s success is its performance in comparison to the competition. It has repeatedly withstood strong challenges for phones like Samsung Note 7 and Google Pixel. In fact, latest speed tests have shown that iPhone 7 is better than latest Samsung S8 as well!

Here are some of the comparative of iPhone 7:

Tips and Guides

Apple is famous for sprinkling hidden features across its operating systems, and you can find plenty of such tricks in the latest iPhone OS – iOS10.  These are some of our posts about tips to get the most of your iPhones: