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    iPhone X: The Number 1 Premium Handset in India

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Feb 12, 2018

    Last November, when iPhone X was launched with a whopping price tag of Rs. 83,9000 for its base model and Rs. 1.02 lakh for the 256GB, it became the first mainstream handset in India to cross the mark of  rupees 1 lakh (What a historic day!!). Needless to say there was a flurry to complaints and cries, with pre-order offers like Jio Cashback doing little to ease the pain.

    It was too pricey. It was doomed in a price sensitive marketing like India, it just wasn’t worth it – All these arguments, although credible, have been proven wrong!

    According to a new research by Counter Point, in spite of its high cost, iPhone X has bagged the top spot in the premium handsets sales in India. Yes, iPhone was already the numero uno in this segment, but maintaining the position after a massive year-on-year price hike is no mean achievement.

    At second position is OnePlus 5T with sales almost 24% less than iPhone X, followed by Samsung Note 8 at third position with an embarrassing 162% lesser sales number than the 10th anniversary iPhone.

    So why are Indians buying the iPhone X?

    Many bought it sheer out of excitement, few out of peer pressure and some because they had too much of money in their bank accounts! This high demand even created a supply shortage during its launching days leading to the patience-testing session for its buyers.

    We Indians love to flaunt. And there is no other brand of gadgets better than Apple to be termed as “Status Symbols” or even as “Fashion Accessory”. Add to that, the skilful marketing strategies of Apple’s team and you got yourself an expensive yet irresistible gadget.

    To counter the above point, a dedicated iPhone user could come up with the argument of its flawless merger of top quality hardware and software integration, which makes it worth the extra bucks.

    The debate can go on and on, but that doesn’t change the sales figures. iPhone X is big hit in India. Rejoice or make peace with it!

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