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    Meet the New iPhone X. It will Blow Your Mind. And all your Savings!

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Sep 13, 2017

    Apple launched the 10th-anniversary edition of the iPhone. And like everything that Apple does, it’s grand, it’s beautiful, and it’s so freaking expensive! Here are the biggest features of the new iPhone X.

    NOTE: It’s called the iPhone TEN, and not iPhone “Ex”!!

    build and design

    Apple has ditched their classing casings and chose to enclose the iPhone in glass both front and back. The rest of the body is “surgical grade stainless steel”.


    The new iPhone X features an edge-to-edge 5.8-inch display that does away with bezels completely. Apple has also incorporated a much-advanced version of OLED display, and they are calling it Super Retina Display. With a resolution of 2436*1125, and a 458 ppi, this is by far Apple’s best display yet.

    Face ID

    The new iPhone X has no home button. It features Face ID instead. This is Apple’s brand new, path-breaking, industry-defining, adjective hogging technology. Apple is calling it their “TrueDepth Camera System”, and promises that it will work in darkness, irrespective of how you dress, or if change your hairstyle.

    Moreover, it adopts to your face over time, it is aware of your attention (meaning that the phone will not unlock if you’re looking away), and it works with third party apps!

    Wireless Charging

    The option to charge your phone wirelessly finally comes to Apple. Following the industry standards of Qi, Apple is integrating wireless charging into all of their iPhone models launched this year. Also, now (soon) you can charge your Apple Watch and AirPods with the same technology.

    Water and Dust resistant

    Like the last generation iPhones, the new iPhone X is also water and dust proof. Except that now they technology has been integrated much more deeply into the design and the resistance to elements has gone up by a factor of ten.


    Of course, Apple had to bring something new to the iMessage platform! Animojis are animated emoji characters that mirror a user’s captured facial expressions. They are based on Apple’s Face ID technology.

    India Price and Launch Date

    The iPhone X will come in two models — 64 GB and 256 GB. The base model will start from Rs 89,000.

    Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly, perhaps), India will be included in the first batch of countries that will receive the iPhone X at the same time as the US. Pre-orders will start on October 27, and the phone will be available at the stores on November 3.

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