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Gear up, Coz an iPhone XE Might be in the Works!

iPhone XE

Welcome to Rumour Patrol where we routinely tackle Apple rumors taking the world by storm. Is an Apple Car hitting the roads? Will our favorite tech company launch foldable iPhones? Does Tim cook pancakes for breakfast? The questions are endless, the sleep lost over them is irreplaceable, and the answer is one – We Don’t Know! But regardless of that, folks, we love putting on our Dora the Explorer hats and leading you on little mapless adventures in our quest for the truth. And our agenda for the day is to address rumors of an iPhone SE reboot (likely to be called iPhone XE) being in the works. So, let’s grab our apple juice boxes, and off we go!

The Speculated Specifications

A source down at Foxconn’s manufacturing unit in India recently added fuel to the iPhone SE reboot rumors that have been doing the rounds for months now.

The reboot will reportedly be named the iPhone XE. Now, while this keeps on trend with the current generation of series X iPhone, this abbreviation doesn’t make sense. The SE in the original stood for Special Edition, so what? This one is the Ten Edition, the X edition? Sounds a tad weird, to be quite honest.

Coming to the screen, we’re allegedly going to see a 4.8 inch AMOLED or OLED display. Man, I must say that living in the era of iPhones that don’t fit in pockets; this will be like a breath of fresh air. And we won’t compromise on screen real estate either. The iPhone XE will reportedly be following the edge-to-edge style of the iPhones X and Xs. The notch too will continue their pattern and house Face ID and front cameras. That means this new iPhone will do away with the Touch ID that was a vital feature of the SE owing to their being no home button.

Now, for the part, I’m sure all of you have been waiting for- the price. According to the source, the iPhone XE will retail for a measly $600 (Rs. 41,781). Okay okay, that’s hardly ‘measly’ but the way those iPhone price tags have been looking recently, it’s practically peanuts! Gold coated, jewel-studded peanuts, but peanuts nevertheless.

The Legitimacy of the Rumour

This is for all those of you SE fanatics who’re probably already throwing their credit cards at Apple – calm the hell down and add some salt to your XE sundae of happiness. A lot of salt, because these rumors might just be nothing, but well, rumors.

While I want this dream to turn into a reality, it’s the price that’s tripping me up. Even with a smaller screen, the iPhone XE is still reportedly decked out with an OLED/AMOLED display and Face ID, and those things don’t come cheap. So, what do you guys think? Is the iPhone XE really in the works, or is it nothing more than a pipe dream?

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