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    iPhone 12 charger earphones

    No EarPods or Power Adapter with iPhone 12?

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    Ariz Suban
    Ariz Suban Jul 9, 2020

    As the launch of iPhone 12 draws near, the rumour market grows hot. From more extended battery life to faster autofocus, the rumours have been pretty interesting (and exciting). But this next rumour might not go down so smoothly with all you folks. 

    Sources and multiple analysts have claimed that Apple is planning not to ship Earpods as well as Power Adaptors with the new iPhone 12! Yep. 2020 is for real and these disappointing iPhone 12 rumours have us all bummed. 

    “Why, Apple? Why would you do that?”

    As of now, there doesn’t seem to be an apparent reason behind this rumoured move. While some reports suggest that the addition of 5G and the increase in other component costs led the company to take this decision, some claim that this might be a marketing strategy for the newest AirPods.

    The rumour has given way to angry reactions from fans all around the world. While the removal of Earpods does affect users, it’s the removal of Power Adapters that’ll be a bigger blow. Having to shell out an additional ₹1500 for the adapter (over and above the cost of the phone) might not sit well with the audience all over the world.

    On a completely unrelated note…

    Apple has been surveying iPhone users about their previous USB chargers. Various users received survey pop-ups. The answers include the following choices:

    • I sold it or traded it with my iPhone
    • I lost it
    • I gave it to a family member or a friend
    • I still use it at home
    • I still use it outside (at work, school, or other places)
    • I still have it, but I don’t use it

    We would like to believe that this has nothing to do with the 20W USB-C type charger that Apple is planning, the details of which were leaked earlier. But if the iPhone 12 rumours of Apple removing the EarPods and Power Adapter is correct, there’ll be a whole swarm of angry iPhone users (like me) stomping on keyboards and tagging @tim_cook for some answers.

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