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    iPhone XR 2 Colors – Bye, Coral, Blue. Hello, Green, Lavender

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    Team Applesutra
    Team Applesutra Jun 15, 2019

    Word on the street is that Cook’s vibrant line of iPhone XR is in for a shift in the rainbow of options. How do we know that? Well, you can tip your hat to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The man tweeted an image of broken glass shards. And what’s the connection, you ask? He claims that the new iPhone XR 2 colors are the same as the broken shards’.

    What’s New, Apple-boo?

    Going by the broken shards, Cook seems to have dropped the Apple blues and corals in favor of pastel green and lavender. Well, obviously they added green to match the crisp dollar bills that go into buying the iPhone. And any guesses on the purple (yeah I know it’s lavender!)? It’s to match the bruises on your wallet after you make the purchase! And, for all those “GothForLife” and” Ms Sunshine(s)” out there, don’t worry. Apple kept your beloved black, white and yellow too.

    And if you, like me, are wondering what happened to the too hot to handle Product (RED), then my guess is as good as yours. But according to the rumors, Apple is more likely to come up with a more muted and pastel selection of the fiery RED.

    I still remember the day when the iPhone XR made its debut in September 2018. It was a new dawn, a new day, a new life (Yup just quoted the song!) and it was Apple’s first splash back into bright colors after iPhone 5C’s launch in 2013.

    Go for the iPhone XR

    And till date, iPhone XR remains the best choice for Apple-ites who are looking to upgrade to the newer iPhones. But are too broke to go big and certainly don’t want to go home.

    iPhone XR offers the core technology of the flagship handsets coupled with the best battery life of any iPhone ever and here comes the good part – for less money than the iPhone XS and XS Max. (I know I said it before!)

    Now, the part that you all have been waiting for – if you’re excited with the new iPhone XR 2 colors, the wait won’t be too long. The next iPhone lineup should make an appearance around sometime in September. So, start skipping those fancy ramen dinners and save up for this pastel beauty.

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