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    Is it real or just media hype?

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    Pooja Ramanujan
    Pooja Ramanujan Aug 14, 2015

    For Apple lovers, the world is coming apart at the seams and for those that have hated this company, Christmas seems to have come early. The much awaited and highly anticipated iPhone 6 Plus seems to be having some trouble standing straight. The hashtag ‘bendgate’ has become popular overnight and social media simply exploded with comments, jokes, taunts, anger, and resentment related to the phenomenon.

    To our mind, the issue has been blown out of proportion. And we aren’t just saying this because we’ve pledged our loyalty to Apple. So, what if the iPhone 6 Plus bent a little? The hue and cry surrounding it is a little too extreme. It really isn’t the end of the world, you know. And neither is it the first time that Apple has been caught right in the middle of a storm.

    Remember back in 2012 how the iPad continued to charge itself after iOS reported that its lithium-ion polymer battery was completely recharged? Well, that particular incident was nicknamed as “batterygate” by the media. Funny, isn’t it?

    Then there was “crackgate” where the iPhone plastic backing kept getting cracked. This was followed by “Overheatgate”, when the iPhone 3G heated up more than it should have, and the “Yellowgate”, when the screen in iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 turned light yellow.

    Similarly, when the original Macintosh was launched in 1984, it received criticism for not only being expensive but also for having very little memory and lacking a real hard drive. This was named as “toygate”. Then, in 1998, iMac G3 came under the scanner for not having a floppy disk drive and lacking a 65K modem – which was recorded in the history of Apple as “floppygate”.

    So, there’s no doubt that Apple is a brand people love to love and love to hate. While some get pleasure at seeing the high and mighty take a steep fall, Apple continues to stand strong as a brand. The “bendgate” will also lose its hypess! Things will settle down, the earth will continue to revolve on its axis, and it will be business as usual, soon.

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