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    Dreaming of Working for Apple? Think Again.

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    Pooja Ramanujan
    Pooja Ramanujan Aug 23, 2015

    So … it turns out Apple is NOT the most perfect company in the universe. It may be the undisputed king in the world of technology, but it doesn’t exactly get a medal when it comes to treating its employees! There have been some complaints from both current and former employees which reveal that their experience at Apple wasn’t all that hunky dory.

    Here are some of the top grievances that were reported by the employees:

    1. Burning out

    The work at Apple is intense and extremely demanding. Obviously, this causes people to burn out and hit a creativity block due to high levels of exhaustion. What was it they said about all work and no play? Tch tch tch …

    1. Dull environment

    Now that’s one a slow killer! There are absolutely no recreational facilities like, foosball or pin-pong tables to help employees unwind from their hectic routines. In fact, there isn’t even a good canteen for the employees.

    1. More work, no life

    Apple offers almost zero opportunities for work-life balance. There is a lot of overtime, most e-mails come after 10 at night … The pressure on employees is killing. And if you really want that promotion, you need to work really, really, REALLY hard. No easy cookies are passed around here.

    1. Working with Apple? Forget family

    Yup. That is the case if you’re working with Apple. According to one of their employees, they don’t really care much about tending to a family commitment. Once you join the Apple family, you are expected to forget your own. That’s a necessity!

    1. Oh, my God, there’s no space!

    That’s what most employees exclaim, given the fact that Apple keeps hiring without expanding its real estate proportionately. There are so many newcomers that employees have to share an office and not too comfortably either! Sardines packed into a tin, eh?

    1. Politics, politics, and more politics

    There’s a lot of mean politics doing the rounds at Apple. There’s no formal hierarchy in the organisation and “smarter” employees are arrogant and power hungry. You either give into the dirty politics and join the rat race or walk around quietly and keep your head down.

    1. Are you a part of the Apple cult?

    If you’re not, you’ll probably never come to know about the new products Apple is working on. Some groups like to play the game of “Chinese Whisper” and and they are very, very good at it!

    1. Poor motivation

    Couple of former employees complained about top bosses calling all the shots and there isn’t much focus on motivating the juniors. Maybe they expect that everyone who works for Apple is self motivated.

    1. HR is a mess

    This department is of no help when it comes to resolving management related issues. In the words of one employee, the HR is “nonfunctional”. In other words, it literally does nothing. And yet, they seem to get their paycheques just fine. Why? Why??

    1. Little value for creativity or insight

    It’s a little hard to believe that a company like Apple that symbolises innovation should have its employees feeling this way, but it’s true. According to one engineer, where there’s a sense of urgency in some areas, things are dull and sluggish in other departments.

    Wait a minute!

    Before you abandon your desire to work with Mr. Cook, you must note that some of these problems like space and recreational areas will soon be addressed by Apple’s upcoming ‘spaceship’ campus. It’s a massive official complex spread across 2.8 million square feet area and has ultra modern facilities. So while employees overwork themselves to exhaustion, they’ll at least do it in a fancy office.

    Ref: Tech Insider

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