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    The Most Useful Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

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    While interacting with our computers, we are so used to a mouse that we often forget that using a keyboard is much faster. That may not always be the case and there are instances when having a mouse speeds up work; but, as a rule of thumb, using a keyboard can be pretty convenient too, especially if you know how to make the most of them!

    That’s right, we’re talking about keyboard shortcuts! And here are a few that will not only improve your productivity but also (hopefully) make using your Mac even more fun!

    The Web Crawler:

    Command + Up Arrow – Immediately scroll to the top of any web page

    Command + Down Arrow – Immediately scroll to the bottom of any web page

    The Grammar Nazi:

    Command + Semicolon – Cycle through misspelled words in any given document

    The Word Surgeon:

    Option + Delete – Use this to delete one word at a time, rather than one letter at a time. This is an across-the-board shortcut, meaning it will work anywhere within the OS X.

    The Ninja:

    Command + H  – Quickly hide all open windows from the currently active app

    The No-Regretter:

    You know that feeling of dread you experience the moment you accidentally close a tab in your browser? Even as you see the tab disappear, you realise that it was an important tab. And even as you try to recall the url, your memory fails you, flooding your life with regret!

    Well, no more. To instantly open up the most recently closed tab in your browser, simply press:

    Command + Shift + T  (in Chrome) or Command + Z (in Safari)

    The Peeping Tom:

    Command + F3 – Moves all your open windows to the side and lets you take a peek at the desktop. Press the buttons again to bring the windows back.

    NOTE: It doesn’t work if you’re working on a fullscreen app.

    The Obsessive Compulsive Listener:

    Option + Shift + Volume Up/Volume down – Increase or decrease volume in much smaller increments that while compared to the jumps that the normal volume keys provide.

    The Searcher:

    Select (highlight) any word and press Control + Command + D – Instantly fires up the dictionary with the word meaning opened.

    The Hider:

    Command + M  – Minimizes the active window of your current app

    Command + Option + M – Minimizes all the windows of your current app

    Command + Option + W – Closes all the windows of your current app

    Command + Option + D – Hide and reveal the Dock

    NOTE: Again, these do not work on full-screen Apps.

    The Terminator:

    Command + Shift + Delete – Completely empties the Trash.

    NOTE: Works only when the Finder App is active. Also, please take care to make sure you no longer need the files in the Trash, because this action cannot be reversed.

    The Private Investigator:

    Command + Shift + 3 – Take a screenshot of the entire screen.

    Command + Shift + 4  – Turns your mouse pointer into a small viewfinder. Click-and-drag to take a screenshot of just a specific area of your computer screen.

    Command + Shift + 4 (+ Space) – Use the first three keys to turn your mouse pointer into a tiny viewfinder. Then release all the keys and press just the Space Bar. This will turn your pointer into a time camera. Use it to highlight and capture any specific window as your screenshot.

    We recommend that you embed these shortcuts into your memory and make a habit of using them as frequently as you can. In the beginning, they will seem slow and counter productive, but over a period of time, we can guarantee that you’ll start doing things much faster than with your mouse.

    If you want to know more such amazing tricks, we suggest you look at Apple’s own list of shortcuts, or Dan Rodney’s this exhaustive list.

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