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    Mac Keyboard Shortcuts That You Must Know

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    I’m sure that most Mac users are aware that Command + C is Copy and Command + V is Paste, but there are a bunch of different useful shortcuts that a Mac user can benefit from. Mastering these few crucial Mac keyboard shortcuts will make using your Apple easier and efficient.

    If you’ve just shifted from a Windows PC to a Mac, you’ll likely take some time to get used to the new keyboard layout. While the QWERTY format is the same, there are some very obvious differences when it comes to the modifier keys.

    The PC’s Ctrl is the Command key in Mac. Even though there is a control key, it acts as a tertiary modifier in shortcuts and in specific cases. The PC’s Alt key is the Option key in Mac. Also, there is no backspace key in Mac, and the delete key works as the backspace key.

    Mac Keyboard Shortcuts to Become a Pro

    Here are the top Mac Keyboard shortcuts you really need to know whether you are a noob or a veteran user.

    1)     Window Management: Cmd + M will minimize an open window. Click on the app’s icon on the Dock to open the window again. Cmd + W will close the window, if you have multiple windows open from the same app, Option + Cmd + W will close all the windows. To flip between all windows, use Cmd + Tilde (~).

    2)     App Switching: Use Cmd + Tab. This will bring up the app switcher. Now, hold the Cmd key and press Tab to move to the next app on the list. To move to the previous app, use Cmd + Shift + Tab.

    3)     Force Quit: To quit an app, use Cmd + Q. If the app hangs, use Cmd + Option + Esc to bring up the Force Quit Menu.

    4)     Spotlight: It is one of the best things about a Mac. You can use it to launch apps, open files, look up things on the internet and much more. Pressing Cmd + Space will pop open Spotlight. Once you have found the file you were looking for, use Cmd + Enter to open the file in Finder. This will locate and display where the file is stored.

    5)     Browsers Tab Management: Use Cmd + T to create new Tab in web browsers and then you can use Cmd + Option + Left/Right arrow to move between all the open tabs. You can use Cmd+ 1-9 to directly jump to any tab between the first and the 9th one.

    6)     Cut, Copy, Paste: The classics that everyone knows, Cmd+ X to cut, Cmd + C to copy, and Cmd+V  to paste. To undo, use Cmd+ Z, and to redo, use Cmd + Shift +Z.

    7)     Screenshot: Cmd+Shift+3 will take the screenshot of the entire screen and will automatically save the image to the desktop. Cmd+Shift+4 will turn your cursor into a crosshair, and you can highlight the part of the image you want to take a screenshot of.

    Although there are many others that could be included on this list, these are just the basic shortcuts one needs to know.

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