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    “Take a spiritual pilgrimage to India, Mark”, said Jobs

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    Dear Apple Fans, do you remember Steve Jobs’ pilgrimage to India way back in 1974? The famous spiritual trip during which he came up with many revolutionary ideas that served him so well in the future? Well, it turns out that another brilliant entrepreneur embarked on a similar quest on Jobs’ advice. And it was none other than Mark Zuckerberg!

    The Facebook founder was advised to visit the same mountain Kainchi Dham Ashram temple that Jobs himself had gone to once. Apparently, Zuckerberg was asked to embark on this pilgrimage of sorts in the hopes that he’d be able to connect with the mission of his company.

    This advice dates back to the time when Facebook founders had hit a rough patch and were contemplating selling the social networking service. Apparently, very few people knew about this little story until Zuckerberg narrated his ‘enlightening’ tale at his recent stage appearance with our Prime Minister Narendra Modi last week. The 28-year-old entrepreneur added that he had taken Jobs’ advice and his trip to India did help him see a clearer future for Facebook.

    Apple, as you all know, was one of the first tech giants to have shown interest in Facebook, the world’s most popular social media network. In fact, Apple even agreed to sponsor a dedicated Apple Facebook to the tune of $1 per user (which is a lot!) and a monthly minimum of $50,000! 

    That little association may not have panned out, but it does look like Zuckerberg did the right thing by taking Jobs’ spiritual advice. Anybody else in need of being shown their path? Let’s all head for the Kainchi Dham Ashram. Who knows, our luck might change as well!

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