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    Match Your iPhone FaceTime Ringtone with Your Mac

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    I love customising ringtones on my iPhone so I know who is calling without even having to glance at the screen. But, when it comes to the Mac, it gives me no choice whatsoever other than the same old classic FaceTime ringtone that has no novelty whatsoever. I like some funk, some jazz, or even some techno remix crap. I like to mix and match and spice things up on the iPhone, but all my efforts come to naught when the Mac blares out the default ringtone every time I get a FaceTime call. Aaaargh! Not fair.

    So, I got around to doing a little bit of digging around and I discovered that there was a way to sync the same ringtone on both devices. That way, when my phone is tooting out ‘Because I am happy‘, my Mac will join in and sing, ‘Clap along if you know what happiness is to you‘.

    Here’s how you can get your iPhone and Mac to sing the same tune:

    Step 1: Confirm the ringtone on your iPhone

    Go to Settings>Sounds>Ringtone. Make a note of the name of your ringtone, and proceed to your Mac.

    Step 2: Configure FaceTime on your Mac to match

    Open the FaceTime app on your Mac. Now click [command + ,] to open up the Preferences. You can also open Preferences from the Menu bar.

    Under the Settings tab, click on the Ringtone option.

    From the list of options that open up, choose the ringtone you’d noted down in Step 1.

    Close the window and you’re done! Now whenever there is a call on your Mac, the FaceTime ringtone will be the same as the one you’ve chosen on your phone!

    Note: If you ever change the ringtone on your iPhone, don’t forget to repeat this process again to match you Mac to it. Don’t be lazy. It’s only two steps!! Now go change your FaceTime ringtone and let your friends wonder how you did it!!

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