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    New WhatsApp Update for iOS: Pinned Chats, Multiple File Formats and more!

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Jul 18, 2017

    WhatsApp has brought a host of new features to its iOS platform with an exciting new update. This is a summary of what’s new in the latest WhatsApp update.

    “The new update version 2.17.40 brings features like pinned chats, support for all file types, and the ability to delete multiple photos in one go,” reports Gadgets360.


    Pinned allows you to permanently keep certain chats at the top of the chat list. So irrespective of when was the last time you contacted them, their chat will always be on the top, ready for you to access.

    How to pin chats?

    On any chat you want to pin, swipe from left to right. Now you’ll see two options: “Pin” and “Unread”. Tap on “Pin” and you’re good to go.

    Similarly, for unpinning the chat, swipe right on a pinned chat and choose “unpin”.

    NOTE: You can pin at most 3 chats at a given time. To pin a new one after that, you’ll have to unpin one of the old ones.


    The new WhatsApp update adds support for multiple file formats. Now you can attach and send any kind of file such as image, audio, video, pdf, docx, pptx, and even zip files.

    How to send various files?

    The process for linking files has remained the same. You just click on the “+” at the bottom left of a chat and use the file browsers (Dropbox/Google Drive/iCloud) to attach a file.


    The new WhatsApp update adds support for changing (forwarding or deleting) multiple photos at the same time. You just press and hold on a group of photos that appear as a collage in your chats. The process works in the same way how you’d normally delete/forward one single image.


    This feature is still under development, but a few developers have noticed in the early betas of the next WhatsApp update. Gadgets360 reports:

    “The app is reportedly getting YouTube playback support as a hidden feature. With native YouTube support, WhatsApp users will be able to watch the video without leaving the app.”

    WhatsApp updates usually come to Android before iOS. So when we see this rolling out on the Android phones, we’ll know that iOS will be soon to follow.

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