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    Removable Keyboard Mouse

    How About a Removable Keyboard Mouse on Your Next MacBook?

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Sep 4, 2021

    Amongst the various patents Apple has registered, an interesting one has surfaced online. Patently Apple first spotted the registration by the Cupertino company. As per the patent images, Apple might integrate a removable keyboard mouse in future MacBook models.

    Compact MacBook Keyboard Design with Removable Mouse

    If Apple ever goes ahead with this patent, a removable key feature would come neatly integrated into the compact MacBook keyboard design. The highlight of the removable key is that it can double up as a mouse when you require it. Don’t worry; the trackpad isn’t going away. A removable key with a precision mouse would undoubtedly help get complex tasks done quicker than a trackpad.

    As per rumours, Apple clarified that the removable key would work as a standard keyboard input until replaced. Furthermore, since there would be a mouse neatly tucked into the MacBook’s keyboard, it’ll reduce the hassle of carrying a separate input device. Also, the removable keyboard mouse would house a battery of its own to support wireless connectivity.

    We might also get MagSafe charging support for the removable keyboard mouse if this patent ever sees the light of the day. The Cupertino company is notorious for patenting tech that never comes to be, so we don’t exactly know if Apple would ever make a future MacBook with a removable keyboard mouse.

    What do you think about Apple’s latest patent for a removable keyboard mouse key? Leave your comments below or reach out to us on our social media handles. And before you go, catch up on the upcoming Apple products here.

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