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    iMessage updates

    All the Rumoured iMessage Features We Might See in iOS 14

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    Ariz Suban
    Ariz Suban Mar 8, 2020

    iMessage is hands-down the best messaging service right now. I know there are many Android users who’d love to disagree but, if you’re a fun-texter, you simply cannot deny the fabulous features this exclusive messaging app provides. From cool Memojis to angry bubble slams, iMessage, I think, captures your emotions as extensively as none other.

    Rumour has it that Apple is internally testing out some new iMessage features for its upcoming iOS 14 (shh). And yes, it might just have some of those awesome upgrades we’ve all been waiting for!

    What the Sparrow Chirps

    “Sorry, I didn’t get the notification.”

    You do now. If rumours are to be believed, new iMessage features could include the ‘tagging’ or ‘mention’ option for group chats that Slack or WhatsApp users might already be familiar with. So you might finally be able to mute that annoying group without facing the consequences of ignoring them, because now they’ll know to send a notification by tagging you. Hurray for avoiding all that not-so-useful chit-chat!

    “Hey, what did you delete?”

    The second feature (which I’m very excited about) is retractable iMessages. Finally, we might get the option of deleting all those drunk-texts that we’re not so proud of. The catch? The receiver will probably be notified that a message was removed, which might raise some uncomfortable questions. But at least it’s gone, right? You can just make up an excuse. Still, I personally don’t understand the point of explaining a deleted message. If I was going to tell you the truth, why would have I deleted it in the first place? Anyway.

    /me likes the additional features

    In addition to these two new iMessage features, Apple also seems to be testing:

    • A ‘typing’ indicator for group chats
    • An option to unread the last message of a conversation even after you already opened it (sneaky)
    • And, interestingly, an upgrade of the /me feature from the iChat days!

    For new members of the Apple-fam, writing anything after a ‘/me’ in an iChat window would be sent as your status update to the other person (/me talks only in third-person now, bye).

    Cool ‘new’ upgrades?

    I know what you’re thinking, especially those WhatsApp enthusiasts who I can just envision rolling their eyes and shaking their heads. Yes, in-group tagging and unsending messages have been present in WhatsApp for a while now, so you might say Apple is playing catch-up. To you, I’d say, have you ever explored the wonders of Memojis or iMessage gaming? Thought so.

    While the iMessage vs. WhatsApp debate can go on forever, I’m loving how Apple is trying to make messaging more personalised and fun through these iMessage features. My only wish is for Apple to please provide iMessage for cross-platform usage. Because if there’s one thing all Apple users are united in their hate for, it’s those green chat bubbles that take you straight back to the primitive ages.

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