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    Samsung is Copying iPhone’s 3D Touch Feature

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    Pooja Ramanujan
    Pooja Ramanujan Aug 17, 2017

    History has it that every time Apple has come up with a new innovation for their iPhones, too cool for everyone to handle, Samsung would be the first company to pop up with a technology much too similar to theirs. So, now the South Korean tech giant has finally worked out on how to *cough* rip off 3D Touch.

    In a recent report, the company claims to be the first to offer the feature that will recognize presses as well as touches – just like the iPhone – in their upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8.  

    Ever since Apple unveiled the 3D Touch with the iPhone 6S, Samsung has been itching to deliver its own version of the same tech. Nevertheless, it took them a while before they could manufacture a pressure-sensitive display, which isn’t easy to deliver. But the Galaxy S8 is a sign that the company is on its way to getting there.  

    Much like the iPhone, the 3D Touch of the Galaxy S8 would recognize hard presses but they’re only used to activate the home button that lies beneath the display screen. However, presses or touches anywhere else on the screen to access home screen shortcuts or content previews like iPhone wasn’t allowed in the S8.   

    Later this month with the Galaxy Note 8 this is going to change in all likelihood. In a report from the investors, Samsung claims that they will introduce “force touch” display that would allow the phone to read the amount of pressure that is been applied on the screen.

    The 3D Touch is certainly a great piece of technology that can have the users hooked to it. You might struggle initially with it and it might seem only like a gimmick but once you get the hang of it, it’s irreplaceable. It is a must-have feature that you might soon see in all high-end phones and we can tell why Samsung would want to bring it into its flagship Galaxy devices.

    The official unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be held in New York on August 23rd this year. Later this year when iPhone 8 would be launched it would be interesting to see which one among the competitors’ would have the higher ground. We expect the device to be much like the Galaxy S8 with a bigger body.


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