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    Sep 10 Apple Event Confirmed! Get Ready for New iPhones!!

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    Team Applesutra
    Team Applesutra Aug 30, 2019

    Oh, wait till you hear this news because you’re gonna love it. Remember all the conspiracy theories going around about the next Apple event? Well, they hit the bullseye! Just like all the theories had claimed, Apple’s iPhone event will, in fact, be held on September 10. The event will begin at 10 a.m. Pacific in Steve Job Theater on the Apple Park campus.

    Now, the invitation itself is worth a mention, as it always is. Because you know, it’s not just any invitation- it’s Apple’s. And they gotta do things the different way. The glossy and colorful Apple logo with the tagline ‘By innovation only’ catches one’s attention immediately. And as always, all the Apple lovers are already picking up hints about the new iPhone. 

    Apple-ites are having a field day interpreting the meaning behind the eye-catching Apple logo sitting prettily on the invite which has layers of five colors taking up the shape of the logo. Did you just think of the classic rainbow Apple logo? Well, the two aren’t the same. The colors aren’t in the right order, and the orange color is missing in this one.

    Colors, Colors! What Do They Mean?

    People say these could be the color options in which iPhone 11 will be available. Meaning, if you are looking forward to buying the iPhone XR successor next season, you got more options. Apart from regular white and black (which will never go away, duh!), fancy blue, red and yellow, you can also go for green or lavender.

    Also, if this guesswork is correct, it seems like green and lavender are here to replace the iPhone XS’ coral and shades of blue. A revised palette for the iPhone 11 is not a bad idea. At least it much better than its speculated name. 

    Last year’s invitation asked people to ‘Gather round’ which was clearly a take on the venue of the event – the Steve Job Theater at Apple Park. The year before that, the invite ended up being the default wallpaper for iPhone X. 

    All in all, if you look at the invitation, besides the colorful Apple logo, there’s nothing else that could be a hint. There is no confirmation to this theory, but all the pieces fit quite nicely. Don’t you think? 

    What Will They Pull Out Of Their Magic Bag?

    We expect to see the iPhone 11 series, of course (waiting for the name reveal). Though nothing is confirmed we have a feeling, Tim Cook and his team will also talk about new services like Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade. Many are even waiting to see new casing options for Apple watch, especially ceramic and titanium. Also, there are rumors – a new 10-inch iPad will be coming to replace the exciting 9.7-inch models. There could even be a high-end 16-inch MacBook Pro in a new design and a tile-like tracker to find your stuff. 

    The list is too long! Any of these could make an appearance in either this event or the one coming up in October or maybe even next year! We don’t know and all we can do is just wait and watch.

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    1. Harsh Tripathi says:

      Can’t wait for new models????????????

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