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The Stunning Results of the Shot on iPhone Challenge

Like all other things Apple boasts of and hypes up, iPhones cameras and their superior picture quality is one of them. But in this case, they have good reason to blow their own trumpet. In fact, the quality of the camera is so good, the debate is that the new generation models compete with beginner level DSLRs.

Taking a cue from this, Apple started a challenge in which they asked their audience to share their best pictures taken with their iPhone. And promptly, the pictures came pouring in. The winning pictures were captured on models ranging from iPhone 7 to iPhone Xs MAX – further proving the point that iPhone cameras have excellent quality.

With state-of-the-art cameras equipped with advanced photography tools, it is hard not to have good pictures on your iPhone. Technologies like Smart HDR controls highlights and shadows with more detail while the Depth Control helps adjust the depth of field both in real-time preview and post-capture. Portrait mode offers advanced depth segmentation enabling beautiful bokeh effect and more sophisticated pictures. All thanks to the A12 Bionic chip and the next-gen Neural Engine. And you can see the use of these advanced tools in the pictures of the winners.

The Big Prize

The prize was that the 10 selected winners would be featured in Apple retail stores and online and on billboards in select cities. This challenge also highlighted the global community of iPhone photographers as submissions came from all over the world. The winning shots came from Singapore, Germany, Belarus, Israel and the US. Participants could takes pictures of anything; there were no limits. And the shots captured myriad things – from the ordinary to the awe-inspiring, animals, and creative reflections and more.

The international panel consisted of 11 judges – Pete Souza, Austin Mann, Annet de Graaf, Luísa Dörr, Chen Man, Phil Schiller, Kaiann Drance, Brooks Kraft, Sebastien Marineau-Mes, Jon McCormack and Arem Duplessis. They chose these 10 pictures as the winners of the challenge.

The Winners

IG: @justphotons

Alex Jiang (US), iPhone XS Max

Blake Marvin (US), iPhone XS Max

IG: @darrensohphoto

Darren Soh (Singapore), iPhone XS Max

IG: @yarosh.nikita_

Nikita Yarosh (Belarus), iPhone 7

IG: @dinalf

Dina Alfasi (Israel), iPhone X

IG: @liz.scarrott

Elizabeth Scarrott (US), iPhone 8 Plus

IG: @andrewgriswold

Andrew Griswold (US), iPhone XS

IG: @bernardantolin

Bernard Antolin (US), iPhone XS Max

IG: @adidarmawan

Lie Adi Darmawan (US), iPhone XS

IG: @yungbrioche

Robert Glaser (Germany), iPhone 7

Looking at these pictures, has the iPhone photographer in you awakened yet? If yes, go out with your iPhone, capture the glories of this planet and share them with Apple. Who knows, you could be next winner of this challenge!

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