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    Siri vs Google Assistant

    Siri Vs. Google Assistant: Hey Siri, We Got News For You!

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    Team Applesutra
    Team Applesutra Dec 3, 2019

    Are you one of those “modern, tech-savvy folks” who depend on virtual assistants for every single thing? From updating your shopping list to calling your mommy, from finding the perfect hangout spot in a new place to keeping track of your calendar for business meetings and date nights and more? If you go ‘Hey Siri’ for tasks menial to mega – congratulations! You fall into the club of the tech geeks.

    Siri vs Google Assistant: We Bring You News

    If you aggressively raised your hands for the things we mentioned above (ahem, Hermione, much?), we got a piece of news for you which isn’t very promising. Oops! This is definitely what you saw coming now, did you?

    Recently, a test was conducted by Gene Munster of Loup Ventures to check which digital assistant works the best. The test covered 800 different queries with various smartphones. While Alexa was available on the iOS App, Siri was tested on an iOS 12.4 iPhone and Google Assistant on a Pixel XL. Each device was asked the same questions on five different verticals. For example, 

    Command – Remind me to call Jerome at 2 pm today.

    Commerce – Order me more paper towels.

    Information – Who do the Twins play tonight?

    Local – Where is the nearest coffee shop?

    Navigation – How do I get to Uptown on the bus?  

    As per Munster’s report, Siri answered 83.1% of questions accurately, while it addressed to 99.8% of those queries.  Whereas, Google Assistant understood 100% of the queries and answered 92.9% of them correctly. On the other hand, Alexa, even though it understood 99.9% of the questions asked, was only able to answer 79.8% of them.

    While Amazon really needs to work on its Alexa, the Siri vs Google Assistant competition has a clear winner. Apple’s highlighting feature lacks behind Google’s not so hyped feature big time. And this is despite a number of updates and improvisations Siri has gone through over the years. Sure feels unfair that one team’s champion is falling behind another’s extra. Apparently, Siri leads when it comes to phone-related commands like texting, calling, emailing, music, and calendar updates. I guess, we can have some pride left intact.

    It seems like Google Assistant will be holding the topmost position for a while now. Speaking out of the experience, if we talk about Siri’s progress over the years, it has been getting better consistently. Her current version is impressive but has a long way to go to be the leader in the Siri vs Google Assistant tally. Don’t you agree?

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