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Apple sep 9 2015 event

7 Things Apple ‘Forgot’ To Tell Us During the Event

Apple overwhelmed the world with its action packed keynote on 9th Sep. The (almost) 13-inch iPad Pro, the (almost) $100 stylus pencil, the Apple Watch now available in rose gold and (poor man’s) gold, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus featuring force touch 3D Touch … God! there’s a lot to digest here. That too from a single Apple event!  Read more

Mock iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Rumours Have Started Already

Well, it’s barely been any time since the launch of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus and the tech grapevine is already abuzz with rumors about the iPhone 7! If online sources are to be believed, Apple enthusiasts will be able to get their hands on a phone that’s even slimmer than the ones released this year by 2016. Read more

iPhone 6S plus rose gold

Apple Launches Explained for Our Non-Techie Friends

If you aren’t an Apple (or tech) freak, all these new Apple products along with their fancy specifications, like 3D Touch, Apple Pencil, etc.,  must be bewildering you. Worry not. We’ve broken down the entire 2-hour presentation into a short 2-min read just for you. Even better, we are talking in real world terms minus, the unnecessary technical jargons. Enjoy the read! Read more

siri io9 feature

Hey Siri, Show My Photos

This is what you’re probably going to say when you come to know about Siri’s new iOS 9 functionality. You want to look at pictures on your iPhone from a vacation in Thailand you took two years back? It’s easy. All you have to do is say, “Siri, show me photos from Thailand”. Siri will immediately show you a series of photos from that wonderful trip you are reminiscing about so fondly. Read more

iPhone 6S launch

New iPhones Coming on 9 September

It’s time to pump money into your ‘my next iPhone fund’! Start hinting about all the ‘problems’ that have crept up into your iPhone 6. Become friendlier with people who are likely to buy your old phone. Do all this quickly because the new iPhones are only a month away! Read more