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    “Third Party iPhone Screen Repairs Will No Longer Void the Warranty” — Apple

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    Pooja Ramanujan
    Pooja Ramanujan Feb 26, 2017

    In an apparent “extension” of their warranty programme, Apple has now made it legal for you to get your iPhone screen repaired from a third-party workshop, as long as the process doesn’t damage the screen.

    AppleInsider reports —

    “Apple recently notified store technicians that third-party iPhone screen repairs no longer void the handset’s standard warranty as long as the unauthorized fix does not damage the casing or other related components.”

    This is a huge relief for us here in India.

    Getting Apple products repaired is a costly affair, especially because we don’t get AppleCare Plus Protection Plan (tha covers physical damage) here in India.

    And the screen, after the motherboard/logicboard, is the second most expensive piece that can be repaired on an iPhone.

    Thankfully, now you can get the iPhone screen repaired from a non-Apple service centre without voiding the warranty.

    The news comes from an internal memo that Apple circulated among the Apple store employees last Friday. 

    While this certainly is a good news, you’d do well to note a few important points about the iPhone screen repair parameters —

    1. There must be no damage to the iPhone because of the third-party repair process, including scratches and/or dents.
    2. The iPhone screen, or a part thereof, must not have been replaced with duplicates (non-Apple).
    3. Obviously, the device must still be in the original period of warranty.

    Other than this, you’re free to get your faulty iPhone screen repaired at a third-party store.

    We know, it’s not the perfect solution, but at least it’s a start. And we respect that because it gives us hope.

    A seed has been planted. Who knows, maybe some day that seed will grow into a mighty tree!

    Some day.. baby steps…

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