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    The ‘Poor’ CEO!!

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    Have you ever closed your eyes and thought to yourself, “How I wish I were the CEO of Apple”? Well, just be glad this wish hasn’t come true for you. Because apparently, in the Apple world, a senior executive makes more than Tim Cook, the CEO!

    Apple recently made a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission where it disclosed the salaries its top employees took home. Turns out, CEO Tim Cook does not earn as much as you think he does! In fact, he isn’t even counted among the top earners of the company.


    Tim Cook was reported to have earned around $ 10.2 million in 2015. Although it’s higher than what he made the year before ($9.2 million), it’s still less than half of what his senior executives take home.

    CFO and Senior VP Luca Maestri earned $25.3 million in 2015, while Senior VP of Retail, Angela Ahrendts, billed nearly $26 million. It is interesting to note that she is the only senior executive to have got a bonus in the last 3 years, and that too of half a million dollars! Man, that’s a big fat bonus right there! The other three Senior VPs — Eddy Cue, Dan Riccio and Bruce Sewell — all raked in $25 million each.

    But where is Jony Ive? And why has been left out of this list? Why not reveal what he made last year? We wonder. We wonder a lot …

    Of course, this salary compensation is not the whole picture. The top management also holds a substantial amount of the company’s shares. Tim Cook alone, for example, holds nearly 3.1 million shares that are worth a third of a billion dollars! Whoa, how many zeroes is that!

    At the end of the day, we really don’t mind how much money they make. As long as they keep making amazing products that are steeply priced and beyond our reach, we have something to aspire for and work towards!

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