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    Want to Leave iOS 14 Beta Programme? Here’s How

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    Now that the iOS 14 publicly available, it’s time to leave iOS 14 beta programme and download the new update.

    Apple releases beta programmes for developers to build applications and test them on the latest version of an operating system. Before an official public release, users, too, can test the new iOS by downloading Public Beta versions. This move benefits the company to check for bugs or other issues while they carry out testing on various devices.

    The 14th generation of Apple’s iOS and iPadOS has garnered immense curiosity for being one of the biggest upgrades to come to the iPhone and iPad platforms. I’m sure, like us, many couldn’t wait to try out the latest software version. 

    Now that iOS 14 is officially released, you should shift to the public version instead. Many security patch updates and bug fixes do not make it to the beta version post public launch. Thus, if you aren’t a developer, it’s recommended to remove the beta programme.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Removing the iOS Beta Version

    1. Launch Settings.
    2. Tap General > Scroll down to Profiles.
    3. Select iOS/iPadOS 14 Beta Software Profile.
    4. Tap Remove Profile > Enter your Passcode.
    5. Confirm by tapping Remove.
    6. Restart your device.

    Once your device restarts, you will successfully leave the iOS 14 beta programme and can then download the new update!

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