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Apple Car Launch

The Secret is Out – Apple is Making a Car!

Apple has made it a habit of entering new markets, upsetting the established balance, uprooting industry standards, and then redefining what’s acceptable from the ground up. So each year, we hold our breaths and wonder what new magic Apple is going to weave; what new seas Apple is going to sail through.

Well, this time around it’s the automobile industry. You heard that right, friends. Apple is going to make a CAR!! Read more

iCloud prices India

The New iCloud: More Affordable, More Useful

In their last month’s annual event, Apple surprised us all by announcing a 50% reduction in the cost of its premium cloud storage service – iCloud. In hindsight, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise, because the charges are way too high – even by Apple standards – for the same service that is being offered at much lower rates by competitors like Google and Microsoft. Read more

clean install mac os el capitan

Clean Install El Capitan – That’s How Pros Do It.

Upgrading your Mac’s operating system through the Appstore is child’s play, quite literally! OS X has a 4+ age rating on the Mac App Store. That’s like Apple saying ‘Even a five year old can do it.’ Which is probably true, because it’s just like any app install on your phone. Hit GET> Wait for the download > hit ‘INSTALL’ > OK > OK > OK > I Agree > Restart Now > Done.
Read more

5 Things To Do While You Wait For Your iPhone 6 Plus

So you have marked the BIG date in your calendar. Decision has been made to go with the bigger (read: gigantic) iPhone 6 Plus. The retail store that is likely to draw the least crowd yet have enough stocks has been strategically identified. Plans have been made to reach about an hour before the stores open. Basically everything that could have been pre-done has be done.

What now? How do you get past the irritatingly long 10 days till the iPhone 6 Plus launches in India on 17th October. We have an idea. Actually, we have 5 ideas! Read more

Invite for Apple iPad Air 2 Event

It’s Official Now: iPad Air 2 To Be Unveiled on October 16

While Indians are still waiting to get their hands (literally) on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the world has already begun the countdown for Apple’s latest showstopper, iPad Air 2. As expected, Apple has sent out the invites for its next keynote event. Obviously the invite doesn’t carry any details, but the announcement of the next generation iPad Air is all but confirmed. Read more

Hurrah, Third Party Keyboards are Here!

Even since iOS 8 was launched, iPhone users have had good reason to bring out their expensive wines and rejoice. Of all the nifty tweaks made to the operating system, the one that has everyone shouting “Hurrah!” is accessibility to third party keyboards. With Apple loosening the reins a bit, written conversations (or ‘typed’, to be more specific) are geared to become quicker, faster, and certainly more interesting.

So, shun aside envy of Android users and get yourself one of these (or all, if you please) alternate keyboards that people are downloading from the App Store at lightning speed. Beginning with … Read more