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    The Secret is Out – Apple is Making a Car!

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    Pooja Ramanujan
    Pooja Ramanujan Oct 7, 2015

    Apple has made it a habit of entering new markets, upsetting the established balance, uprooting industry standards, and then redefining what’s acceptable from the ground up. So each year, we hold our breaths and wonder what new magic Apple is going to weave; what new seas Apple is going to sail through.

    Well, this time around it’s the automobile industry. You heard that right, friends. Apple is going to make a CAR!!

    Temporarily codenamed Project Titan, the Apple car might be shown as a prototype at the 2019 WWDC. However, the project is extremely hush-hush and top secret. What is known about this car is only what people have been able to infer from random bits of information that have come floating their way.

    We’ve been up to some detective work as well and have drawn some conclusions of our own. Whether we’re accurate in our deductions remain to seem, but we did enjoy giving our grey cells some much needed exercise.

    Here’s what happens with the AppleSutra team plays Sherlock.

    Many hires from the automobile Industry:

    The biggest name in Apple’s latest auto-industry hire is Doug Betts. Before moving to Apple this summer, Betts was the Quality Chief at Fiat. He’s also worked at Michelin, Toyota, and Nissan. Apple’s employment records (available publicity) also show a lot of hires from Tesla!

    Conclusion: Apple wants to build a car.

    Hiring car battery engineers:

    Apple has been hiring many engineers from stalwarts like Hyundai, Chrysler, and even Bentley. In fact, a car battery manufacturer called A123 even sued Apple for “poaching” its staff.

    Conclusion: Apple wants to build an electric car.

    Sightings of an Apple leased van:

    An unmarked van leased to Apple has been seen driving around in San Francisco. Reports said that the sensors loaded on board were akin to Google’s self-driving car.

    Conclusion: Apple wants to build a self-driving, smart, electric car.

    Apple’s visit to a secure ex-naval base called GoMentum Station:

    The base is closed to the public and guarded by the US military. Officials claim it’s “the largest secure test facility in the world” for “technologies [that] define the next generation of transportation network infrastructure.”

    Mercedes-Benz and Honda have already carried out experiments with self-driving cars behind the barbed-wire fences of this ex-naval base.

    Conclusion: Apple wants to build the best-freaking-self-driving-smart-electric car. Ever.

    Because Elon Musk said so:

    If Apple wants to enter the electric smart car market, its biggest competitor will definitely be Tesla. But weirdly, instead of being intimidated by Apple’s entry into its turf, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is happy about it. “I certainly hope Apple gets into the car business. That would be great.”

    Conclusion: Everyone has already decided that Project Titan will be hit. And that’s even before Apple officially says there’s a Project Titan!

    It’s safe to assume that Apple will definitely be launching a car. It’s now merely a matter of time! Whatever the case, we hope that Apple’s entry into the automobile industry is the tipping point that will mark the beginning of something new and ground breaking. Fingers crossed!

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