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    Did Your AirPods Software Auto-Update? Here’s How To Check

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    Attention AirPods users, there is a new software update in town! However, the challenge is that you can’t choose to update it yourself the way you would for an iOS or MacOS update. Instead, the AirPods software auto updates when they’re connected to an iPhone or iPad. So, have your AirPods updated to v6.3.2 or are you still living in the v3.7.2 era? Let’s find out.

    Are your AirPods Updated?

    If you’re stressing about how to find out whether or not your AirPods’s Software has auto-updated, relax! All you have to do is follow these steps:

    • Connect your AirPods to an iPhone or iPad running iOS 12.2
    • Place your AirPods in their charging case
    • Leave the lid of the case open
    • Open the Settings App on the iPhone/iPad connected to the AirPods
    • Go to General>About>AirPods
    • You’ll see a list of details about your AirPods. The second last point will be ‘Firmware Version’, and if that is v6.3.2, it means that AirPods Software has updated. However, if it says v3.7.2, you’re still operating on the old software.

    If your AirPods software hasn’t auto-updated, ensure the connected device’s software has been updated to iOS 12.2. Also, keep your connected device and AirPods close to each other while they’re in the case. Once you do both these things, hopefully, the Apple gods will send some of their goodwill your way and ensure the update happens. Unfortunately, there’s no way to update the software manually. Sigh, why Tim Cook, why?

    What’s This Software Update About?

    Well, this part is a little murky since Apple hasn’t released any features list for the software update. But, we’ve gathered a couple of things from the Apple community and here they are.

    • A number of people have reported their AirPods battery life has improved after the software update.
    • Others have experienced faster switching between devices
    • For some, the biggest perk has been how quickly the battery life bezel appears on their screen after connecting their iPhone/iPad to the AirPods.

    But, then again, there is no guarantee that you too will experience these benefits, since some do and some don’t. Until Apple releases an official statement, we won’t know for sure what this AirPods software update includes. But, still, it’s advisable that you make sure you get it. And in the meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed that your first generation AirPods don’t meet their end, forcing you to invest in a pair of the new more expensive version.

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