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    Apple Magic Keyboard

    Previously Exclusive-to-M1-iMac Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID Is Now Available for Purchase!

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Aug 11, 2021

    During the launch event of the latest 24-inch iMac, we saw the Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID capabilities. Apple says that the Bluetooth keyboard can support biometric authentication wirelessly due to its inherent “M” processors. You can use the Touch ID sensor for purchases on the App Store, to unlock your device, or to log into websites with the passwords saved on iCloud keychain.

    Till now, the Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID was limited to in-box shipping with the M1-powered iMac only. However, recently Apple has made the fingerprint sensor-enabled keyboard available for standalone purchases. The latest addition is available for purchase in India at a price of ₹14,500.

    Features, Specifications, Compatibility & More

    The Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID is slightly wider than the original wireless keyboard for Macs. The Magic Keyboard in its standalone avatar is on offer in a single silver colour option, which means the colourful iterations of the new Magic Keyboard are still only available with the 24-inch iMac.

    Similar to previous versions of the Magic Keyboard, users can charge the model with the Touch ID sensor via the lightning port. Apple claims that its latest Bluetooth keyboard can last for around 30 days on a single charge. The Magic Keyboard comes bundled with a Lightning to USB-C cable for charging.

    But wait, before you get ready to buy: check for compatibility! Yes, unfortunately only Macs installed with Apple Silicon processors are compatible with the new Magic Keyboard. This means that only the latest MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13-inch, Mac mini, and the 24-inch iMac can support wireless fingerprint authentication. Older Macs will not be able to use the Touch ID feature offered with the new Magic Keyboard.

    Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Numeric Keypad

    If you’re in the market to buy a new wireless keyboard, Apple is currently offering two: one with Touch ID and a numeric keypad, and one with just the Touch ID. The higher-priced version of the Apple Magic Keyboard is being provided with an extra numeric keypad which retails at ₹17,500. Both models are available for purchase from Apple’s online store.

    The latest Mac mini users also have reason to rejoice, as even the entry-level Mac supports fingerprint authentication. The Apple Silicon processor has opened new horizons for Macs, and this is just the beginning.

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