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    iPhone Bending Problem

    Recent Patent Suggests Apple Planning a Curved Screen iPhone

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    Ariz Suban
    Ariz Suban Jun 23, 2021

    A recent patent suggests that Apple might be planning for an ‘Electronic device with convex displays’. Yup, basically a curved screen iPhone for us! Further suggestions by Apple hint a device that could extend displays to even the bodies of the smartphone.

    A curved display iPhone? 

    A report by AppleInsider reveals that future devices Apple could include a curved display made from flexible OLED or LCD panels, the rigid cover or housing layer of cover glass, and a reinforced metal layer for further protection. The display could also take advantage of a flexible polymer substrate to cover other components in the stack screen layers.

    What’s the extra space for?

    A curved display would make the device thinner, allow for a larger display, and offer more space inside the phone. The extra space would give Apple the chance to add additional technology to its iPhone, such as a larger battery. It could also potentially allow for a larger display wrapping around the edges and even the back of the phone!

    Complications with a curved screen iPhone

    Apple is certainly trying to add a unique touch to its iPhones. But this could result in months of brainstorming sessions at the HQ. Currently manufactured flat iPhones have relatively very fewer complications in comparison to convex-based displays. The large flat surface of the display and the right-angled sides make current iPhones easier to design, manufacture, and repair. Round iPhones, however, would come with an extra set of issues, with the primary one being of the display.   

    More Coming from Apple?

    As pointed out further by AppleInsider, the tech giant has been filing several patents including folding screens, curved screen displays, zig-zag displays, and even heating systems for fragile elements. So, if in future you hear of some wild iPhone modification, do not be blown off. Apple has already set its course.

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