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    Apple Watch Display Wins Another Award by Society for Information Display

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    Team Applesutra
    Team Applesutra May 27, 2019

    Recently, the Society for Information Display (SID) announced its awards for this year. It is one of the several Displays of the Year, and surprise, surprise! The Apple Watch Series 4 got the highest honour. It’s no surprise to us fanbois and fangurls, tbh. We’ve always known that the hype around the Apple Watch display is true and now, we have an award to show.

    What’s This Award?

    This isn’t just any award. Only “products with the most significant technological advances with outstanding features” win this award.

    While announcing the 2019 award winner, SID sang praises for Apple’s wearable introduced last fall. And why not? The display has always been the star feature of Apple watches, and with Apple Watch Series 4 it’s even better. The designers faced the challenge to make a bigger display without noticeable size increase. And of course, all that without compromising on the battery life. And thanks for their genius skills, we finally got narrower border with a viewing area that’s more than 30% larger and looks better.

    Now, we have the wrist computer. SID remarked about the new technology, “a new display technology called LTPO improves power efficiency, helping users get through the day on a single charge.”          

    In the list of Displays of the Year awardees, the others aren’t even the rival smartwatch, phones, or laptops. Instead, the Apple Watch display shared the podium with Samsung’s The Wall and Sony’s Crystal LED Display System. Both of these award winners are types of micro-LED displays.   

    Ah, that reminds me. For those who don’t know, Tim Cook and his team are working on incorporating the next-gen MicroLED displays in the iPhones to come in the future.

    Apple and Their Many Accolades

    Getting back to the SID awards, many may not know, Apple wins frequent accolades from the Society of Information Display. Last year, the Display Industry Awards gave the topmost honour to the second generation iPad Pro. In addition, the iPhone X scored a sweet spot as one of its Display Application of the Year. The MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar won the same award in 2017.   

    SID appreciates Apple and its efforts outshine the Apple lover’s expectations when it comes to display experience. SID said that all the awards are “granted for novel and outstanding applications of a display, where the display itself is not necessarily a new device.”

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