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Apple Watch IndiaCurrently, there are only two versions of Apple Watch in the market — Series 1 and Series 2. And they’re both are available in India! A special edition Nike+ version has also been launched in India alongside the US.

Prices, Competition, and Sales

As with all Apple products, the Apple Watch is also a bit pricey for India. Apple did lower their prices recently, but we’re not sure they’re enough. And even though there is a lack of any one big competitor, the sales did suffer in the early days of its launch. This was despite the offers and promotions online retailers in India were running.

Globally, though, the Apple Watch has done very well. So well, in fact, that it’s outselling Rolex! Towards the end of last financial year, Apple Watch was easily the highest selling smartwatch in the world.


WatchOS 3.2 was a huge improvement over its predecessor. It increased the battery life and was in general easy on the processor.