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    Apple Reigns as The King of the Smartwatch Market

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    Team Applesutra
    Team Applesutra May 15, 2019

    The scores are in, fanboys and fangirls, and our winner for Smartwatches race for Q1 2019 (Apple’s fiscal Q2) is…drum roll…Apple! Yes, that’s right! Apple has overtaken its competitors and officially wears the crown of the king of the smartwatch market.

    Apple’s Victory

    As we all know, Apple long ago stopped disclosing the particulars of the sales of any of their products, Apple Watch included. But according to the research firm, Counterpoint, they’ve made a whopping profit of $5.1 billion in their second fiscal quarter. This makes for a staggering year-over-year growth of 49% from last year’s Q2 sales.

    In the words of counterpoint analyst Satyajit Sinha, “Apple Watch shipments grew a solid 49% YoY despite the weak demand for its iPhones. Apple continues to focus on the health-related features like ECG and fall detection in the Apple Watch Series 4. The ECG capability in the Apple Watch is the most desirable feature, according to our latest Consumer Lens survey. Apple has now received approval on its ECG features from healthcare authorities of Hong Kong and 19 other countries including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK.”

    The Smartwatch Market

    These impressive Apple Watch Sales earned them the top spot in the smartwatch market by such a large margin (35.8%) that they literally left their closest competitor, Samsung, in the dust. Following Samsung’s 11.1% market share, we have imoo in third place with a market share of 9.2%. The rest of the significant chunks are taken up by fitbit, Amazefit, Huawei, Fossil, and Garmin.

    Well, all I can say is, I’m proud of you, Apple. Because let’s be real, Apple can do with a win right now. With the ever dwindling sales of the iPhone and that third position in the premium smartphone market in India that Apple refuses to budge from, they need this.

    Call it company morale or fanboy morale, but Apple Watch sales have definitely given us something to live for! According to the man, Tim Cook himself, the business from the Apple Watch make their wearables business equivalent to that of a Fortune 200 company. And while I’m not entirely sure what that means, it has the word ‘fortune’ in it, and that in itself is good enough for me!

    That’s it for me for today. Ciao, folks, going to ask Mr Pichai what exactly a Fortune 200 company is now! Until we meet again, stay metal.

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