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    Apple Watch saves life

    The Superhero Saga Continues: Apple Watch Saves Life Again

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Jul 7, 2021

    Diane Feenstra, a resident of Michigan in the USA, had a near escape from death. Thanks to a notification from her Apple Watch about a prevailing heart condition, Diane contacted her doctor and saved herself from a heart attack. Here’s how the Apple Watch saved a woman’s life.

    Apple Watch a superhero among healthcare watches

    News about how the Apple Watch has saved lives pops up often enough that you can’t ignore its brilliance. Feenstra was completely unaware that she was having a heart attack until her Apple Watch alerted her. The heart rate monitoring sensors on Apple’s smartwatch picked up the woman’s unstable heart condition.

    When Feenstra consulted her husband about the notification sent by her Apple Watch about an abnormally high heart rate, he asked her not to ignore the alert and see a doctor immediately. An EKG scan revealed that she’d had a minor heart attack. Feenstra was baffled, but thankful nonetheless. The Apple Watch had saved the woman’s life from a prevailing heart condition.

    Feenstra’s doctors affirmed that she had a severely blocked artery that could have been fatal if it remained undetected. “Unlike men who have extreme pain in the chest during a heart attack, women’s symptoms are different. I had pain going down my left hand, and my left foot was slightly swollen. The biggest thing was a pain in my shoulder, and I vacuumed my house yesterday, so I thought I might have somehow caused a muscle injury,” Feenstra told WZZM 13.

    Benefits of the Apple Watch

    Because of the accurate heart rate sensors, the Apple Watch instantly notified Feenstra about her shooting heart rate. In Feenstra’s case her smartwatch detected her 169 beats per minute heart rate and alerted her about her heart condition. The Apple Watch records a users’ heart rate continuously and also during workouts. Apple’s Health app then looks for any irregularities and notifies you instantly.

    Not only do the Apple Watche’s heart rate sensors detect medical emergencies, its fall detection technology has also helped save lives before. Earlier, a 78-year-old Mike Yager had a fall in his driveway and was unconscious. Yager’s Apple Watch detected his fall and automatically contacted emergency services.

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