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    Apple Watch SE

    Apple Watch SE: The Best Product Launched at Apple’s Time Flies Event

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    Ariz Suban
    Ariz Suban Sep 16, 2020

    Apple recently unveiled two different and new Apple watches in its 2020 fall event ‘Time Flies’, hosted virtually straight from the Californian headquarters. And while the Apple Watch Series 6 was undoubtedly a heavy new advancement over Watch Series 5, it was Apple Watch SE that grabbed away all the curiosity out of the two.

    Apple Watch SE features

    The new Apple Watch SE,  unveiled amid speculation of the highly-anticipated iPhone 12, comes with a very affordable tag and is aimed at a very wide audience range. The mid-budget smartwatch is Apple’s most affordable iteration to date, and it seems like the prefix ‘SE’ is Apple’s ticket into the masses. Let’s take a look at the specifications the Apple Watch SE packs within. 

    Design & Advancements

    Apple Watch SE Design
    • In terms of design, Apple Watch SE is similar to Watch Series 5 in a lot of ways. 
    • The heart rate monitor and chipset, too, resemble that of Series 5. 
    • However, the accelerometer, gyroscope and the new always-on altimeter is a feature of Apple Watch Series 6.
    • It has a combination of sensors that allows for a Fall detection support. 
    • It also has an optical heart rate monitor that provides high and low heart rate notifications in addition to irregular heart rhythm notifications.
    • Apart from Fall detection, Emergency SOS, International Emergency Calling, and other safety features are included too. 
    • However, this lacks the Blood Oxygen Monitoring and ECG apps like Watch Series 6. 

    Power, Performance & Style

    Apple Watch SE Performance
    • The Apple Watch SE is powered by the Apple S5 SiP (system in package), making it twice as fast as Apple Watch Series 3, and on similar lines as Apple Series 5. 
    • It features the same size and resolution of the Apple Watch Series 6, making it 30 per cent larger than Series 3.
    • However, the screen is not an Always-On Retina display like the Watch Series 6.
    • Apple Watch SE does not contain an electrical heart sensor either.
    • It is also claimed to maintain an 18-hours of battery life.
    • Watch SE comes in variants with Gold, Silver, and Space Gray aluminium finishes.

    India Prices

    Apple Watch SE will be launched in two different variations, one in an only GPS variant and one in a GPS and Cellular variant. The price for the Apple Watch Series SE (GPS only) is set at ₹29,900 and for Apple Watch SE (GPS+Cellular) will be available for ₹33,900. 

    Apple Watch SE India

    It terms of the value of money, Apple Watch SE is by far the best product that was released at yesterday’s keynote event. What’s left to watch is if Watch SE can perform as well in the market of India as it’s smartphone counterpart, iPhone SE 2020.

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