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    Apple Watch Series 5: Not a Big Update and That’s Perfectly Fine!

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    Team Applesutra
    Team Applesutra Sep 11, 2019

     As expected, yesterday’s Apple event was magical. Tim Cook and his team had surprises up their sleeves. Well, we sort of already knew what developments are coming up. But, even right from my couch, I could imagine the intensity and excitement in which the Steve Job Theater must have been enveloped in. For an Apple fanboy, nothing can match the dark set-up and huge stage on which the brains behind the tech giant speak about their latest innovations. Personally, I’m stoked about the Apple Watch Series 5! Why? Read on, my friend, read on.

    Before we start though, here’s a little surprising thing that Apple did. They agreed to share ‘platform.’ It was for the first time that the event was streaming on Youtube, as well as on the Apple website. As they said during the event, “The times, they are changin’.”

    Moreover, what can a better example than Apple watch, which started as an iPhone accessory quickly became the leader of the wearable industry? And once again the Apple Watch Series 5 was among the stars of the night in yesterday’s event. With a few new features and some old ones, the new Apple fitness band is among our favorite highlights.

    I’ve always been a fan of Apple Watch, and you bet I’m looking forward to buying this one! (If it’s worth it, of course!) While it is already available to pre-order online post-event, the watch will hit the Indian stores on September 27. As for the price, it’s not that exacerbated either. Internationally, it is available for $399 (£399, AU$649) for the GPS-only model, and $499 (£499, AU$799) for the GPS and cellular model. But in India, the starting price is Rs 40,900. 

    So, what’s new? 

    Always On Display

    In this fifth iteration, the shape and style of the new watch remain the same as the Apple Watch Series 4. But the most highlighting feature of Apple Watch Series 5 is its new always-on-display. Meaning, the screen of the watch will always be on without having to tap the screen or raise the wrist. Before this feature gets you worried, Apple assures it won’t affect the battery life. The watch faces are well optimized for this new feature.     

    And how does it work? 

    Last night, Apple’s Stan Ng, Vice President Manufacturing Design, took the stage to explain the working of the always-on-display feature. The Apple Watch Series 5 uses an LTPO (Low-Temperature Polysilicon and oxide) Retina Display. Essentially, LTPO can control the display’s refresh rate. That means, if there isn’t the need to update the display, it won’t, thus power saving. So when your wrist is at rest, the screen light dims and you can still see the time without people noticing it. With this innovative technology, Apple Watch Series 5 promises all-day 18-hour battery life.    


    The next exciting feature of the new Apple watch is the compass. After iPhones, the updated location feature of Apple Watch Series 5 can also guide you through the haywire routes. The new built-in compass and lasted version of the Maps app point out the way you’re facing. With Apple Watch Series 5, you can use the combinations of compass feature to see the heading, incline, latitude, longitude, and even current elevation. It’s a perfect wearable for hikers, runners, cyclists who like to have a clear direction of where they are going when to slow down, or they can pick up the pace. You can see all these stats on the home screen of the watch as one of the compass-based complications.  

    Customization Options 

    For all the fashion conscious, you can mix and match cases and band combinations of your choice and style in as per your taste. The new case designs, especially the titanium and ceramic ones, look sharp and classy. The titanium case got a shiny, brushed-metal look. And personally, I find it much better than the polished mirrored stainless look. Then there is, of course, the ceramic that we all were waiting for. As per the review, so far, it is Apple’s best design model so now. And better be, it’s topping off at $1200 for the ceramic model. 

    So, my verdict, the Apple Watch Series 5, doesn’t have anything dramatically different. But features like always-on-display and innovative design style was long-awaited and is most welcomed. 

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