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    Why WWDC is the Most Exciting Apple Event of the Year!

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    No matter what event Apple is hosting, history tells us that it will be pretty exciting; at least for people like us who are devoted to the brand. However, among all the events Apple hosts in a calendar year, by far the most exciting one is the WWDC.

    And here’s why:

    WWDC is a software event. 

    All Apple events usually deal with the announcement of new products – a new MacBook, a new iPad, a new iPhone, etc, etc. The WWDC deals with software — iOS, MacOS, AppStore, etc. 

    As the end user, you might argue that an iPhone launch is  more likely to have you leaping out of your seats in anticipation, not the newest version of the operating system. We understand why you’d think that, but there is something you haven’t considered yet.

    Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and Macbook are eagerly awaited. However, there is no element of suspense that surrounds their release. The specifications of these products tend to get leaked because they’re usually manufactured by a third party. Someone, somewhere always manages to smuggle a camera into the factory and the rest is internet ki mahima.

    The result? An underwhelming launch event. It’s like finding out the spoilers before you’ve watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

    With software, though, it’s a different ball game altogether. It is tightly controlled by Apple with no outside interference whatsoever. There are hardly any leaks. At best, people make educated guesses on what you can expect at WWDC, but everything still lies in the realm of speculation. So what you get is an event full of surprises and intrigue! 

    Besides, enamoured as you may be to hold the sleekest and shiniest iteration of the iPhone, iPad, or Macbook in your hands, don’t forget that software is the lifeline of these devices.

    Take Google for example. They’ve built their entire ecosystem around the OS. They change device makers like KRK changes his opinion. That’s because they know that a robust software speaks for itself.

    Apple may launch 3 or 4 newer versions of the iPhone, but unless that iteration is substantiated by an accompanying software update, it’s not really an upgrade.

    Don’t forget, our whole experience of interacting with Apple devices comes from the OS.

    All the tiny features we like – the touch of animation there, the way the screen scrolls, or the waves of mesmerising colours that dance when Siri speaks – all of these are part of the OS. Even our much loved social media platforms are deeply ingrained into the OS.

    Yes, yes, I am a little obsessed by user-interface (UI). Sometimes, I will buy a software only because it has an incredible UI. That’s because I appreciate the fact that the designer has invested the time and effort to actually make my life a little bit easier.

    And that’s why WWDC is such an exciting event, because it offers a reason to make our lives a little bit easier. So this 13th, we’ll be waiting with bated breath for the WWDC to start. How about you?

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