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Ashrita Dkhar


iPadOS: Apple Gifts iPad Its Own Operating System

The WWDC 2019 was jam-packed with a bagful of launches, unveils, updates, and upgrades. And one of the things that the Apple wizards pulled out of their magic hat is the iPadOS. Yes! The Apple tablet that has until now been running on iOS will finally get its own operating system.

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iOS 12.3.1

Apple Out with iOS 12.3.1 Update Already

In a fashion unlike Apple, the company is back again with the news of unscheduled update for iOS 12.3.1. Why is it unlike Apple? Because we all know how they take their own sweet time when it comes to updates, upgrades and launches. But now, after just 11 days of shipping iOS 12.3, there is a new update.

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Facebook Messenger app for Mac

Say Hello to the Mac Version of Facebook Messenger App

Facebook might seem like an ancient relic to some of you, but nope. It’s still very much a giant when it comes to social media platforms. And of course, they haven’t forgotten about the ones still sticking around in the blue platform. In the F8 2019 developer conference, amongst a horde of other announcements, Facebook Messenger app was one topic that also emerged in the discussion.

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iPhone XR vs. Google Pixel 3a

iPhone XR Comparison With Google Pixel 3a: A Worthy Battle?

Comparison, comparison. How we hate it when we’re pitched against Mr. Sharma ka beta or a Mrs. Verma ki beti. But when it comes to phones, the more we pit different models against each other, the better. You gotta get your money’s worth, after all. So, in this edition, we bring you the iPhone XR comparison with the newly launched Google Pixel 3a.

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Mac wallpaper

Mac Wallpapers: Fall in Love With the Default Designs

There are two kinds of people – those who change their wallpapers as soon as they lay their hands on their devices, and then there are those who are too lazy to care. I mean, who doesn’t change their devices’ wallpaper from the default to a custom one, right? And then lightning strikes, thunder roars, and I remember. Not everyone has four blocks of different colours or a simple blue sky with a green hill. There are those who’ve had the privilege of browsing through the default Mac wallpapers.

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iPad mouse

Mouse For iPad? Is This The Real Thing, Is This Just Fantasy?

News, news everywhere, don’t know which one to focus on! Let’s just focus on this one for now. Apple is set to unveil the next big iPhone and iPad software upgrade – iOS 13, and with it, we’re expecting a lot of neat additions. One of them, reportedly, is the possible inclusion of a trackpad or mouse support for iPad Pro. Time to break out into a rhapsody yet?

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iOS 13 rumours

iOS 13: Everything We Know So Far

The excitement from Apple’s Showtime event in March is just dying down, but Tim Cook and the team have given us yet another reason keep fanboying. This time the talk of the town is about the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference which will begin on June 3. And the most anticipated announcement is the unveiling of iOS 13 – the next big upgrade in the iPhone and iPad operating system. Rumours mills are in full swing and if there’s any truth to them, we are in for a treat!

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Samsung folding phone breaks

Samsung Folding Phone: Broken Screen, Broken Dreams

Not to be hasty, but Samsung’s folding phone fiasco seems to be a classic case of haste makes waste. All excited, Samsung handed out the ‘game-changing’ Galaxy Fold to well-known media outlets to let the reviewers do what they do best. And in a true horror outcome for Samsung, the screens on almost all the review units started showing signs of damage within a mere day of use!

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