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    The 2020 iPhone Rumors Edition: Full Screen Haptic Touch, 5G Support And More

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    Ashrita Dkhar
    Ashrita Dkhar Aug 21, 2019

    We’ll be bidding farewell to 2019 in just a few months, folks! And while I squander away yet another year, Tim Cook and co are cooking up something new again. (Will they ever stop working? Will I ever become a millionaire by wasting time?) Ripe on the grapevine is the news of a lot of changes in the upcoming iPhones. So, here are all the hot 2020 iPhone rumors.

    What’s the Triple Camera Hype

    We’ve already said it a million times, and we’re saying it again. If the 2020 iPhone rumors are anything to go by, iPhone 2020 will have a triple rear camera. Also, the production of these iPhones is set to go into production in July-August 2019. (And the next Apple event is rumored to be on September 2019. Coincidence, much? I think not!) And that’s arguably the biggest hype that’s got everyone looking forward to the next unveiling. While the triple rear camera isn’t a new invention that Apple can boast of, it will definitely smoke its competitors in terms of camera quality. What makes us say so? Well, haven’t Apple-ites always boasted of their pictures? They have even established a whole ‘Shot on iPhone’ hashtag and the company had a campaign by the same name. So, you can imagine the pomp and show with which Cook will unveil this feature to the world.

    Hap, Hap, Haptic Touch

    In case you haven’t really been up to date on the Apple news front, the rumor mill this time is churning out news of the possibility of Haptic Touch making its entrance. What’s that? Sit down and read on, I’ll keep it short. So, Apple plans to completely do away with the 3D Touch in all future iPhones, and in its place introduce a new technology seen in the iPhone XR – the Haptic Touch. A substitute for the 3D Touch, this feature currently doesn’t work on the whole screen. But according to the Barclays analysts, that will change in the coming iPhone models. You’ll be able to use it on more than just the flashlight and camera shortcuts on the lock screen, and control centre to open menus and toggles. Makes you hap, hap, happy, right?

    More in the Goodie Bag

    Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has never once been wrong, and this time, he says that the second-generation iPhone XR will give you a lot of power! Yes, you heard that right. It will come with 4GB RAM which will make your new iPhone something like a pumped-up guy at the gym. But in this case, you’ll like the big muscles. There are also other significant changes including a 5G support and a rear camera system that allows 3D sensing. There are also speculations of an acoustic fingerprint technology. And no, it’s got nothing to do with playing guitars. This technology will apparently allow a full-screen touch ID, so if your thumb can’t reach the designated unlock point, you don’t have to contort your fingers anymore. You will be able to unlock your iPhone from any part of the screen! And wait, the talks aren’t over yet. Here’s the last one. If you think of upgrade, then get this. There’s a possibility that the possible new iPhone SE 2 will have the internal workings of an iPhone 8. Whaaat? iPhone 8 technology on iPhone SE 2. There, we said it again so that you can scream internally for another three seconds.

    Now, pick your jaw up and let us know if you’re excited about these new features. Which 2020 iPhone rumors are you looking forward to the most?

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